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Hey guys great work on PSD, your insight is a big help for a small investor such as myself. Any chance you could post the link to the new deal.com article posted 1/13/09, or summarize it for us? I think it may have been what caused the stock to drop on big volume today.

Account Deleted

I really would be scared in these turbulant market times. Even deals like this which seem sound if you look through the details might turn south if something else goes belly-up.

Grant Morrisey

Interesting article. Here's a perspective from Fisher Investments MarketMinder (https:// www.marketminder.com/a/fisher-investments-capitalism-media-hype-myths/55d6bd56-e222-4c88-a908-1b9b652a1658.aspx)

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I think that The [WUTC] order is final regardless of whether clarifications or reconsiderations are requested, an attorney familiar with the review said. Any changes would be amendments. thansks for sharing this post !!

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I like this part of this blog The financing for the deal has been in place since midsummer. But arbs worry that in the current environment, Macquarie or any of the Canadian pension funds investing equity in the deal might get cold feet.

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Time Period for PSD Reconsiderations Ended Jan 9
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