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Peter J.

thanks for the interesting post. and then there are the perma-bears. Perspective is an amazing equalizer. thanks again, and my best wishes for the new year!


Joe Joe Joe, you mean to tell me you never read "Monkey Business" or "When Genius Failed!?!?"

Vincent (The Stalwart)

Actually I wrote this post. I've ready Monkey Business. I have also been in "the game". I guess I am just reiterating some old views. But still think its funny how many Dr Doom's there are!


What about Peter Schiff? He's yet another Dr Doom! :-)

Vincent (The Stalwart)

Haha great I love it. That makes five!

Quentin Lewis

Hmmm...being negative is easy.....but I suppose coming out of the blue and predicting it all is even more interesting to me.

Check out this Engineer, Warren Brussee who wrote this book in t 2004 titled "The Great Depression of Debt: Survival Techniques for Every Investor"...found on Amazon.


He has been right on the money so far....but very analitical in his analysis.

Check out his BLOG here:


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There are the perma-bears. Perspective is an amazing equalizer. thanks again, and my best wishes for the new year!

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I agree with Kimdo, thanks for the post as well!

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i love you post.

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