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Rattling the Kettle

The NYT's Green, Inc. blog made an identical mistake last week. I called it out in a comment, to which the author replied saying he was referring to "fiscal" in the broader sense, i.e., "relating to finance in general".

By that definition, of course, the Fed is exercising its fiscal policy powers when it raises and lowers interest rates.

What do you expect, really, from a second-rate chop shop like the New York Times?

Joseph Weisenthal

huh, that's really stupid of them. I didn't even know fiscal meant that. I doubt it does. And yes, I don't give NYT too much credit on these matters.

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No one can disagree with the significance of Fiscal Crisis. The main reason for this crisis is big gap between revenue and expanses. So the government should have review their policies and rebuilt them to over come the crisis.

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