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Lee D

Well put.

I'm fascinated by how both apocalyptic fears and fear of progress seem to manifest themselves from one generation to the next, in one guise or another. Both seem to be a strong impulse in the psyche of our species.

While I'm with you on the pop-science coffee table book level of understanding, I'm 100% in favor of anything that stands a chance of getting us off this rock and exploiting the resources of our solar system. With that at stake, even with a significant (anything above zero, really) chance of cataclysm stemming from such research, I'd still roll the dice.


They made a hadron collider rap (oh jeez!), with video shot within the facility itself. It should be easily accessible via Youtube. While its humor is probably a love/hate sort of thing, the song lyrics are actually very informative and give a good layman's explanation for what they're looking for.


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