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Joe Nocera - ego on a stick

Curmudgeon Geographer

Joe climbed a few steps down the esteem ladder as he danced all around and over that "off the record" request.


I did check out Joe Nocera's piece in the NYT as you suggested. Steve Jobs comes across as every other person who has ever been in the newpaper - frustrated and angry that some no-talent bum like Joe Nocera could make stuff up, write it down, and pretent they got it from "sources".


another interesting opinion - http://realdanlyons.com/blog/2008/07/27/pr-rule-1-people-who-are-telling-the-truth-about-themselves-do-not-insist-on-being-off-the-record/

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I think that I made it pretty clear in the post that this wasn't meant to be specifically focused at a Chinese belief alone, but more in the belief in the supernatural in general. We could replace Feng Shui with belief in Tarot Cards and make it Western. Go to Vegas I'm sure you'll find American gamblers with belief in seeing playable number patterns (as fact) and such when faced with randomness. Or many perhaps believe in psychic powers.

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