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allan z

There is value to the Yahoo search engine. I would hate to see it go. The engine is useful to me because it doesn't update itself often. That leaves stuff in the cache..useful in the recent Kozinski case and also in helping me track down a clip of a lying politician I posted on youtube. The google search engine pares back their results too often and the internet archive is very, very incomplete.
What if Google decides that they will just not link to certain sites? How will someone ever find them? Having multiple search engines allows someone to do better web research. I hope that search is a profit center for Yahoo......

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Whats wrong if they co-exist....why discard altogether?


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what's the purpose of a hotbot ?

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I like the Mazda 5. What I remember from seeing it for the first time was noticing, "Hey that van there, looks kind of... LOW. Like it's SLAMMED..." It's not, of course, but there's something about it that just seems low-down to me. And for a minivan, this is a Good Thing.

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