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What about someone who has too much in their body and it is depositing in hair follicles? Can I be a rare person that can't excrete manganese?

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No new mines are on the near term horizon even though the uses to which the metal is now being put reads like a list of “all the growth areas” – low nickel stainless steel, high strength structural manganese steels, aluminum alloys, not just dry cell and alkaline batteries but also lithium-ion batteries for the new breed of hybrid cars.

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Existing miners are scrambling to raise output but it’s debatable if they are going to be able to keep pace with demand without new mines

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So before you go wishing we could live in a world without manganese, you might want to at least get the details on the metal. Oh, and surprise, it's been soaring


Thank you for the post and comments.

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*Tomorrow is an other day.

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I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here!

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