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HOGWASH! A bet is a bet. Either stand up and take it as is or SHUT UP! "Sort of" does cut it. Nor does your wordy 'smoke and mirrors.'


Hey Gentlejoe:

For one thing, I don't qualify to be a counterparty under the original bet, since I can't prove financial viability.

AND, ever heard of a counteroffer?


this is your worst post in a long time. Why are you complaining about a supposed bet with 1:1 odds?


Cause 1:1 bets are dumb. They're for kids. They don't generate serious action. They're based on the flawed notion that every situation with two potential outcomes should be priced at 50/50, which is, again, the way kids think. Incidentally, my pre-school teacher also thought thought this way, and even at the time I knew that was wrong.

To make a market, you've gotta give odds.

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