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The bees should probably be more worried about us. Somehow I think they'll make it through.

And as for honeybees, are they wired or expired?


So this is like a repeat of the Frog thing? But with a more economically important species?

First I've heard of it anyway.

My guess is that the population is divided into two main groups:

Those convinced the entire world is spiralling into eco-disaster, and this is just one more thing.

And those who dismiss every news story that starts to tell about some coming eco-disaster, because most of them tell some horrible tale and then at the bottom of the page you find that this is based on a computer model extrapolating from 5 months data points into the far future.

Hence there is actually only a small group who will listen to the bee problem, and then realize that this might be serious, real and current problem.


Why is everybody stuck on stupid?


I never ever post my opinions on any blogs or whatever you want to call them. I am extremely worried about this bee problem. I'm an avid flower/vegetable gardener on a small scale in the highlands of Northern NJ and normally I have tons of bumble bees. Not very many honey bees and I never thought that was strange since maybe this area doesn't attract them. This year I have seen some of the sickliest looking honey bees trying desperately to collect pollen from my flowers but no bumble bees. These bees are gray and dullish yellow and they look like there is a fungus growing on them. The only bee in my yard is one lone carpenter bee which has bored a hole in my deck and previously I would have considered a way of getting rid of it but with this current problem, I welcome the destruction to my deck if it means saving a few bees. There is a REAL problem with the bee population and it's VERY scary. Funny thing about how extinction works...creeps up on you in the least expected ways. We humans (at least the rich and greedy ones) have manipulated this earth and it's environment to serve them in their best financial interests without any regards to how it affects the planet and environmental balance of nature. How can we ever tell this particular administration there is a problem with honey bees and think they would listen? They still don't take global warming seriously. Really, they don't. Bush is like a little boy that wants to play army and he's killing our environment, our young boys and ultimately our planet. He's worse than Hitler. He is not just killing one group of people, he's going to kill us all.

Just one opinion...

Donica Ben

I remember last summer reading about the shortage of bumble bees. Well, I don't know about where you live, but there seems to be no shortage of them here this year.

I've seen them ALL over my yard going from one dandelion to the next. Big, fuzzy, burly bumble bees.

Today we've escorted two of them out of my HOUSE! :-) They're friendly little plumpkins.

The first one was sitting on my kitchen window sill. He kept repeatedly bumping against the glass. I tried the "cup n paper" approach to trap him and take him outside. He wasn't into it. So I tried to nudge him with my broom handle to position him better. He TURNED HIS HEAD AND LOOKED AT ME. Then he raised one of his legs and WAVED AT ME!!! I kid you not!

Then he jumped on the broom handle and let me take him outside onto a dandelion.

The second one was just as friendly, but not nearly as cooperative. He jumped on the handle and flew onto our back porch and bumbed around on the screens until my husband trapped him to let him fly outside.

Indeed, no shortage here.

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