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Oh, yeah. I was looking into the Standard 42 gallon barrel of oil (bbl) and found that yes, Standard should probably be capitalized. The 42 gallon oil barrel goes back to Standard Oil in the early 1870s. Back then oil was shipped in wooden barrels. The 42 gallon wood barrels that Standard made were painted blue to identify them as being Standard's 42 gallon barrels since another common size was 40 gallons. The abbreviation for barrel, bbl, is really short for blue barrel. The fun never ends.


Really great solution. Only powerline and connectivity is necessary. Can it be different containers combined to a bigger solution?

Garage Door Hardware

Since I will be home this week, I plan to catch up on my paperwork, housework - and alll of those little projects that we always keep putting off - if you know what I mean... LOL!!!!!! Heck, I even looked up that today! Now tell me - how funny is that?????

John Reeves

Does anyone know what the dimensions are for a 42 gallon wooden oil barrel?

Rent Pro Taylor

It's great though that we have standardized shipping containers, at least high tech protocols and standards won't be far behind!

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