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Not true about China. Most of Hong Kong's pollution comes from the oligarchs who run the city's coal-powered electricity plants. Even the government admits it, though they're careful not to dispel the illusion that they can't do anything about it by not giving percentage figures. Big business still rules Hong Kong.


Most factories in Guangdong are owned by people from Hong Kong. There's a lot Hong Kong could be doing to improve air quality, unfortunately neither the government nor any of Hong Kong's largest companies are showing any leadership. Surprise surprise...


HK tycoons own majority of those factories in China. However, it's still tru that HK gov't can't do much about it w/o Beijing support. By Chinese standards, HK pollution if not that bad. HK tycoons have just found a loophole to produce cheap manufacturing at cost of pollution. it's a free economy - they'll exploit it until authorities get it together.


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Well if people go to Singapore , then its shows their lack of knowledge or observation . I can tell you it is very heavily polluted , not just the air , but waterways also. Look at the average building or flat surfaces around buildings after rain , ther will be black streaks almost impossible to remove . This is pollution washed out of the air by the rain , that people breath in during good weather . It looks and feels like comign from Diesel engines , the number of old design diesel engines is a problem with no governemtn control. Add to that industrial Pollution , and Singapore is not better if not worse than any other modern city in the world . Clean and Green Singapore is government publicity hype . If you don't think so come and live here , AND OBSERVE

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A study in 2007, using data from 2006, found that regional sources were "the primary influence on Hong Kong's air" for just 36% of the time (132 days a year) whilst local sources were responsible 56% of the time.

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