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About credibility: agreed. And your quote is a good one.

But about the abundance of similar material already available. I think a blog CAN add something when it provides a pithy, cohesive and coherent narrative to the day's events. A blog post can be written with the expectation that the reader has already read earlier posts on the blog, and this allows the blogger to focus on the most important points to make for such a group. Not so for the cloud of articles that appear on Yahoo finance for a given stock.

howard Lindzon

You pretty much nailed it but they have good colors:)

Easton Ellsworth

You make great points here. I think I'd go with Gabe in saying that just having the blog format will help BloggingStocks, because it will appeal to folks who want to talk to each other about the latest happenings. But I also agree with you that it's a very crowded space and a lot of people might visit the new blogs and just say "meh."

Sorry, I know this is random, but I can't help myself - I strongly urge you all to try the new cocomment Firefox extension. Incredible - it even notifies me instantly when another cocomment user has responded to a comment I've left.

Johnny Debacle

Completely agree, and I think InternetStockBlog has veered way too much in this direction too. It's nice to be an aggregator, but all the content is either reprinted from elsewhere (I know you guys syndicate some content to them) or data of negligble value all wrapped in an overwhelming bow. It's like a list of newswire feed type information that are listed as Recent News, in a brokerage account. I have no idea who that sites entertains, informs or adds value to aside from its transcript service. It used to do that for me when it had more analysis that wasn't pure grind mill. Then again, I'm sure it's a huge success.

Blogging Stocks is terrible.

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