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(3) Hearing aid dealers and fitter services shall be prescribed by an otolaryngologist approved under rule 3701-43-03 of the Administrative Code;
"In a lot of cases, civil rights are not being met," he said. "They don’t have the same access, but they’re paying taxes for those parks and programs just like everybody else. Even if I'm in a wheelchair, I have every right to expect to be able to get into that building.”
(I) “Medical advisory council” means the medically handicapped children’s medical advisory council established by section 3701.025 of the Revised Code.
The losers would be educationalist-bureaucrats and trade unions. They are the ones who currently feed off the semi-public nature of children’s economic needs.
17. Legal/Legislative Scene, ADA Says Little League Decision is Unlawful; John N. McGovern, Executive Director, Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association, 3105 MacArthur, Northbrook, Ill. 60062, Phone: (847) 509-9400 ; Fax: (847) 509-1177; e-mail: jmcgovern@nssra.org.
He noted that few leisure service agencies did not follow Little League rules for their own programs or allow Little League affiliates to use public fields. If a private organization, such as Little League Baseball, uses public facilities, the government entity in charge of those facilities must ensure that the private organization does not discriminate against the disabled. Federal law, he added, "prohibits discrimination by units of state and local government in the delivery of all services, including baseball games." [url=http://findbabyproducts.tk/womens_sizes_clothing.html]Clothing sets[/url].
"If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in." - Rachel Carson
Goods made by child labor A whole range of goods produced by child laborers are sold in the West: cheap skirts, shirts, the hand-knotted carpets so popular here, toys (which they will never play with), bangles, brassware, locks, glass and embroidery products, polystyrene cups, matches and textiles.
There is a place where there are authorities who control the topic and forbid off-topic comments. That place is called “The University”. One of the good things about the internet is that it’s not the university, but something else.
3. Create meaningful habits before bedtime or rest time. Lighting a special candle, telling a story, sharing thoughts about the day, and saying evening prayers together can create a wonderful intimacy for everyone. [url=http://findbabyproducts.tk/brahama_boots.html]Killer boots man[/url].
Miller said she has seen government funding cuts in recreational and sports programs for disabled children, and she worries such cuts will continue. "It’s easy for things like this to get cut out. … It’s really important that we have kids that have all different kinds of experiences. I just hope that these things don’t go by the wayside,” she said.
Child labour refers to the employment of children at regular and sustained labour. This practice is considered exploitative by many international organizations and is illegal in many countries. Child labour was utilized to varying extents through most of history, but entered public dispute with the advent of universal schooling, with changes in working conditions during the industrial revolution, and with the emergence of the concepts of workers' and children's rights.


Barrett Martin! WOOOOO! [sorry, editorial comment =)] KISW Interview @ 3pm Today *sigh*. this didn't happen Newbury Comics Contest January 30, 1998: The great Boston-area record chain Newbury Comics is running a contest where you can win a way-cool PJ leather jacket or fleece jacket. Go enter. =) Monkeywrench Radio Guests January 29, 1998: The Mudhoney mailing list reports that Seattle's faves will be appearing on Saturday night's radio broadcast, and also mentions appearances from "members of R.E.M." and a rumored appearance from Chris Cornell. (The latter was supported by something Matt Cameron said last week during an online chat, and the R.E.M. connection should be obvious.) Remember, the latest list of stations and cybercast sites is available on our Monkeywrench Radio page. Update - 102.1 Interview Not Being Cybercast January 22, 1998: Curtis Management has withdrawn permission for 102.1 The Edge to cybercast the 1/27 radio interview. We really don't understand why they don't want PJ fans around the world to be able to share this, we're hardly suffering from overexposure right now, but there it is. The Q107 interview the same night will also not be cybercast. Check out our Yield Media Watch page for a full roundup of this and other events. Update - Probably No Vinyl Next Tuesday January 22, 1998: While no music retailer, online or off, will actually confirm the fact in writing that the vinyl release has been moved to February 3, we're assuming that it is at this point. Oh well. Only a little over a week to wait! Update - MuchMusic Unplugged *Not* Full MTV Version January 21, 1998: We've had a bit of email going back and forth with MuchMusic (a Canadian music video channel) about this, trying to nail down exactly which version of Unplugged they were going to be airing (see the story below). Today they confirmed that the version that will be aired will not include "Keep On Rockin' In The Free World". It is the original MTV broadcast - they had (somehow) confused "Porch" with KORITFW. So, no longer any need to panic, try to bribe Canadians to tape for you, etc. Maybe someday MTV will get off their butts and dig this one out of the damn archives. Various: MuchMusic Airing Unplugged, No Video, Vinyl Date January 18, 1998: We've been getting A LOT of mail about the items above, so we're gonna try to clear this up here: MuchMusic: RockOnTv sent out email that MM would be broadcasting Unplugged on 2/14. The tracklisting on RockOnTv lists "KORITFW," which was NEVER broadcast, not even by MTV (see our Video Guide for more details on this). This could be an error on anyone's part, from MuchMusic to RockOnTV, or this could be the real PJ "holy grail". We've written to MM to get their confirmation for sure; until then, we're not treating it as fact. GTF Video: THERE IS NO VIDEO FOR "GIVEN TO FLY". Rolling Stone reported, unqualified (but without listing one credible source by name) that PJ had made a video for GTF. This story is still going around the world as fact. The real fact, as reported by Addicted To Noise several weeks ago, was that there is no video. When this rumor first surfaced, I posited on a.m.p-j that people were getting confused with the home video rumor hinted at by the Rumor Pit, and the ATN story (which quotes PJ's press person) confirms that thought. Vinyl Date: We are aware that the latest Rumor Pit says that the vinyl will be released the same day as the CD and cassette. With all due respect, like with everything we post here, we need to double-check it ourselves first, and are doing so. You wouldn't expect any less from us, right? =) Monkeywrench Radio To Be Cybercast! January 16, 1998: Rocktropolis has announced that they, along with other music news sites on the net, will be cybercasting the broadcast on 1/31. This is great news for those not living in an area with a station who plans to carry it live, as well as for overseas fans! More info about the Monkeywrench broadcast, as well as our continually updated list of stations carrying the show, is available on our Monkeywrench Radio page (follow the link or click on the banner above). Chicago Cab Soundtrack to Feature "Hard To Imagine" January 15, 1998: Some of you may already know that PJ will be appearing on the soundtrack album for the movie "Chicago Cab," to be released by Stone's Loosegroove Records label. However, we've just learned that the PJ song will be featured on this album will be none other than a version of the elusive "Hard To Imagine"! This song most recently surfaced last year during the soundcheck to one of the Barcelona shows, raising fans' hopes that it would appear on the next PJ album or at least get added to some live setlists. (Sure would be nice to hear it in Maui [hint, hint].) The album is slated to be released some time in April of this year, and apparently you will be able to order it in advance from the Loosegroove site. Second Maui Show Added January 11, 1998: The moment many of us Maui-bound PJ fans have been waiting for: a second show has been added for Saturday, February 21. Tickets are on sale now, and you can get yours by calling the Connection at 808/545-4000 or 800/333-3388. They are open 24 hours, so no need to worry about time zones! SonicNet To Broadcast Mike/Ed Solo Set From TFC Next Week! January 9, 1998: We've gotten advance notice that Sonicnet will be rebroadcasting Ed and Mike's solo set from the Tibetan Freedom Concerts last June! As you probably remember, their appearance that Sunday was a big surprise and many of us missed it. While Eddie and Mike's guest appearance with R.E.M. was rebroadcast last month, the solo set was sadly missing. Tune in to Sonicnet (follow the link above) next Wednesday, January 14 at 8:00pm PST to hear this; you'll need the RealAudio player so if you don't have it, GET IT NOW!! =). GTF Promo Single Contest January 9, 1998: The Ultimate Band List is having a contest this month in which they are giving away the promo single for "Given To Fly". Details on the UBL site (follow the link above) and good luck! Fan Club Single Free Giveaway!! Jean got a surprise when she went to buy her copy of GTF today; the record store gave her, gratis, a copy of the fan club single! We were wondering why, and then someone sent us this, from Sony's site: Pearl Jam is offering a free 7" with the holiday singles ("Happy When I'm Crying," and R.E.M's "Live for Today") from participating Independent Record Store. All someone has to do is print the coupon and bring it to a participating store! This promotion is going on from January 10 to January 30, or "while supplies last." There's also a link on that page (which has a REALLY COOL yield sign [even if it's spelled wrong in the page title! Jeez guys! =)] on it! January 29 Broadcast Moved To January 27 January 7, 1998: The radio interview with Eddie and Jeff, originally scheduled for 1/29, has now been moved to Tuesday, January 27. The interview is scheduled to run from 6-7:30pm EST on The Edge, 102.1, in Toronto. There will also be a cybercast - more details on that closer to the date. Yield Vinyl Release Date: January 27; GTF Horror Stories January 6, 1998: Some poking around on CDNow's web site produced the information that Yield will have an advanced vinyl release, one week prior to the CD and tape. Of course, if Epic distributes the album as well as they distributed the GTF single [heavy sarcasm], every fifth one of us will get ahold of it. Today was filled with PJ fans being continually frustrated in their attempts to purchase "Given To Fly;" we received mail where one fan was informed by the buyer for a major chain that Sony claimed the single and album release date had been pushed back; other stores had EXTREMELY limited quantities, and still others (here in Seattle, for example) you could find 7" and cassette, but no cd. Why on earth would they spend all this money on promoting the album but then not bother to put product in the stores is beyond us. Reminder: January 29 Radio Interview January 4, 1998: Just an early reminder to mark your calendars for the interview with Eddie and Jeff which will be broadcast on 102.1 in Toronto, and will be
In the case of personal computing systems, where the user may be the system security policy administrator, mandatory security mechanisms are still helpful in protecting against flawed or malicious software. In the simplest case, where there is only a distinction between the user’s ordinary role and the user’s role as system security policy administrator, the mandatory security mechanisms can protect the user against unintentional execution of untrustworthy software. With a further sub-division of the user’s ordinary role into various roles based on function, mandatory security mechanisms can confine the damage that may be caused by flawed or malicious software. [url=http://childrensclothing.tk/dragonfly_costumes.html]Juicy couture clothing[/url].
DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - Solving the euro zone debt crisis is a work in progress, European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said on Wednesday. "Well it is a work in progress of course.
Even if such problems with the JVM did not exist, these security solutions would still suffer from the fundamental limitation that they rely on application-space access control for security. They all depend on the local file system to preserve the integrity of the system code, including class files. All of the systems which store policy locally depend on file system access control to preserve the integrity of the policy files. Section 3.1 demonstrated the importance of secure operating system features for supporting application-space access control. [url=http://childrensclothing.tk/clothing_manufacturer_turkey.html]Mongolian hair boots[/url].
The new data will tell utilities when consumers are charging their electric cars and how much their use will affect the grid. Because less energy is generally used at night, the existing electric infrastructure and power load can accommodate the extra energy required from electric vehicles, at least for a few years, if customers charge at night as expected. Utilities plan to encourage customers to charge their cars at night and to manage energy use to maximize the current grid’s potential.
Conferencing with Tina’s mother was a reality check.  I learned that not all parents are agreeable and willing to work with the teacher.  Most of the parents in my classroom are agreeable, aware of their child’s shortcomings, and willing to seek advice in helping the child to mature.  Then there are parents who are defensive and will be overprotective of their children.  We first started off by telling her that Tina was a very social child who is making progress and seeks friendships with her classmates.  We made sure to build a positive image first before stepping into the areas of concern. Once we addressed our concerns, the mother immediately said that none of these things happen at home and she looked somewhat angry and bewildered.  She stated that Tina loves to ”play games” by pretending to act aloof with people and knows how to do most of the things the student seemed to lack during the assessments.  Later on we heard from an aide (a family friend) that the mother was very upset that we told her what we observed about Tina.  MT made the proper steps to call home and smooth things over with the mom.   MT’s course of action is a great example for how I would want to handle difficult parents and students who are challenging.   Immediately following the conference MT decided to do interventions so that her assumptions were not overruling Tina’s true condition. It was the correct timing since MT had observed Tina for about two months and had heard what the mother had to say.  MT values the relationships she has with the parents and understands it’s the key to helping a student to succeed and thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. [url=http://childrensclothing.tk/pre_teen_clothing.html]Clothing at qvccom[/url].
When you put groceries on your credit card and don't pay off the card in full each month, you pay interest on the purchase.


“Tell me, from the bottom of your heart, did you really notice that?” he asked the Bagger, and we said, resoundingly, yes.
Viterra Inc. provides premium quality ingredients to leading global food manufacturers. Headquartered in Canada, the global agribusiness has extensive operations across Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Our growing international presence also extends to offices in Japan, Singapore, China, Switzerland, Italy, Ukraine and Germany. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we operate in three distinct businesses: grain handling and marketing, agri-products, and value-added processing. Our expertise, close relationships with producers, and superior logistical assets allow the company to consistently meet the needs of the most discerning end-use customers, helping to fulfill the nutritional needs of people around the world.
Street children, whose plight was realistically described two centuries ago by Charles Dickens, today bear the additional burden of the threat of AIDS. Around the year 2000, between 38 and 110 million adults and over 10 million children may be infected with HIV. The number of children orphaned by AIDS may increase from 1.8 million in 1992 to 3.7 million in 1995. In many poor regions the death of the parents from AIDS forces the children into the street where they are shamelessly exploited when they try to work. It is estimated that more than 30 million children in the world are street children or vagabonds. Direct reports and published works from around the world attest to the difficulty of providing health care, health education, a safe environment, and economic opportunity for street children. Difficult day-to-day living conditions are reflected in high rates of respiratory and urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infection, parasite infestations, and other health problems. Self-medication is common among street children lacking access to health services and fearing administrative procedures. In some countries the use of intravenous drugs is common among street children, which when combined with prostitution places them at maximal risk of HIV infection. Studies in Khartoum, Rio de Janeiro, New York City, and elsewhere have shown elevated prevalence of HIV in street children working as prostitutes. Health care is indispensable for detection and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, which increase the risk of HIV infection when genital ulcers are present. Condoms should be made available for street children. Culturally appropriate programs should provide orientation on HIV infections and safer sex practices and HIV screening for street children. Poor nutritional practices and harmful habits such as glue sniffing should be combatted. A model of risk reduction for hard-to-reach street children and adolescents that focuses on public health issues and avoids moral evaluations has been proposed. Its emphasis is not on stopping prostitution or drug abuse but rather on reducing risks. The harshness with which the police and judicial systems frequently treat street children increases their distrust of authority and of public programs. Detention is a major risk of work in the street, since many of the activities are illegal. Despite problems, various approaches to involving street children in productive activities have shown promising results. Local acceptance of street children and understanding of their problems are crucial to improving their living conditions and prospects of surviving the AIDS epidemic.
A worldwide leader in luxury since 1854, Louis Vuitton has become synonymous with the art of elegant travel. Its leather goods are renowned throughout the world for ultimate quality, craftsmanship, innovation and stylish luxury.
#MLB $56.96 #731 $62.95 enlarged view Harmony Hollow Housewarming Bell This bell features an image of a house containing a heart. The Motif is hand made from brass, finished in a beautiful verdigris patina. A gift that makes an ideal way to welcome someone to your neighborhood. Each bell comes with a tag with the following message: The term housewarming comes from the old custom of hanging up a pot-hook. It was our ancestors' gesture which preceded their igniting a central fire for the light and for warmth, thereby creating the heart of the home. Hanging up this HOUSEWARMING BELL is intended to do the same, to transform a house into a home, by establishing harmony between occupant and dwelling through repetitive, peaceful, sacred sound. With each and every ring a positive connection is amplified. As your sense of place is echoed in the bronze of the bell, the heart of your home will grow stronger. May a song of gratitude be carried on the wind. #MLB $56.96 #731 $62.95 enlarged view Harmony Hollow Birthday Bell This bell features two hearts entwined. The Motif is hand made from brass, and is available in a beautiful verdigris patina. This is the gift that gives your Anniversary message year around. Each bell comes with a tag with the following message: This bell features a cheerful cake with a big candle. The Motif is hand made from brass, and is available in a beautiful verdigris patina. This is the gift that gives your Birthday message year around. Each bell comes with a tag with the following message: Throughout the ages, ringing bells have signified special events and joyous occasions. This Birthday Bell is meant to commemorate the day of your birth and how special you are to me. Gentle breezes ring the bell, reminding us of how fragile and precious life is; yet the bell's strong metals will last a lifetime and more, signifying our will to survive and persevere. 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A Weaving Enterprise has been established by Baan Dada Children’s Home (http://www.baandada.org/) to employ Karen workers from Molaka village. The women weavers use a traditional technique to produce shirts, shoulder bags, purses, and wallets while the men weavers produce large and small woven baskets, mini-takraw key-chains, and table decorations from locally-sourced bamboo. This is a completely separate project from Baan Unrak Home of Joy. Proceeds return to the weavers directly, with 10% going to support Baan Dada and the 42 orphaned and abandoned children who live there. Being a rural area near the border with Mynamar, this area has a high rate of unemployment, disease, and poverty. Many of the residents are non-Thai and face many obstacles in achieving a decent level of education and a minimum wage job. The Weaving Enterprise currently employs Karen ethnic minority weavers from Molaka. Our workers are paid 90 baht per day, which is above minimum wage for this area and enough for the worker to support their children if their spouse is unemployed. These products are considered fairly traded products. A Weaving Center was completed in early November on land next to Baan Dada Children’s Home, which has allowed us to expand the enterprise by inviting more weavers to live and work here. The objective is to raise the standard of living of Molaka village, and in the future, other villages in this area. As well, it seeks to raise awareness about the plight of Karen and other ethnic minorities living in rural areas of Thailand. SUPPORT THE PROJECT! Do you know of a shop in your town or city that sells ethnic handicrafts from impoverished regions of the world? If so, please forward their contact information to lindsay@volunteerinthailand.org Even better, approach the shop manager about the details of this project yourself and ask them to consider importing these products. Please see http://lindzinvancouver.myphotoalbum.com/view_album.php?set_albumName=album08 for more photos of the products and pricing. Please consider buying our woven goods as Christmas or birthday gifts for your friends, family, and co-workers and promoting the products to clubs, religious groups, sports teams, or other associations you may belong to. Thank you very much for your interest and support of this project. Warm regards, Lindsay Marsh Ananda Vidyadharma Sustainability Manager www.baandada.org
They report that they are currently caring for 400 dogs and cats. They have a well but no power to pump water. Needed: vet supplies - NO FOOD --------------------
We follow strict child protection policies that are intended to ensure the safety and privacy of everyone involved. In compliance with those policies, we ask visitors to review and comply with our visit guidelines. All visitors must also be accompanied by a field staff member at all times, and unannounced visits are prohibited.
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The primary focus of our Hope for a Family program is creating opportunities for sponsored children and their families to develop their own capacity for personal and economic growth, rather than focusing solely on the distribution of material goods.


Согласно дизайн проекту заказчик полностью представляет, что и где будет установлено, в проекте содержится также информация о строительных материалах и их количестве. Имея на руках грамотный дизайн проект интерьера у заказчика никогда не возникает проблем с согласованием изменений в квартире, коттедже в самый разгар ремонтных работ, так как все это уже продумано заранее. При этом заказчик держит под контролем весь ход строительных работ, сберегая свое время и нервы, параллельно занимаясь своими делами не задумываясь о ненужных мелочах. При разработке дизайн проекта квартиры, коттеджа или нежилого помещения мы стараемся максимально подчеркнуть индивидуальность ее владельца и отразить пожелания заказчика в условиях доброжелательного диалога с ним. Дизайн проект квартиры, коттеджа выполняется нами либо в одном стиле или сочетает в себе несколько стилевых направлений. Мы владеем традиционными классическими стилями в области дизайна, предлагаем новаторские идеи, включающие в себя последние новинки декора и мебели с объединением стилей с помощью различного рода аксессуаров. Перед началом работы мы выезжаем на объект, изучаем его особенности, выполняем все необходимые замеры. Эта операция необходима независимо от стадии, с которой начинается работа над дизайн проектом интерьера квартиры, коттеджа. Отсутствие чертежей и схем – только видимость экономии. Современное жилище – достаточно сложный в техническом плане объект, а поэтому дешевле в начале проведения работ грамотно продумать все конструкции полов, подиумов, стен и потолков, требования к сантехнике, климатическому оборудованию, электрические схемы, чем перекомпоновывать их «по живому», в процессе строительной реализации подгоняя готовые решения под интерьер квартиры, коттеджа. Для заказчика мы предоставляем чертежи, эскизы, 3D визуализации. Позвоните нам, и наши опытные сотрудники с удовольствием ответят на все интересующие вас вопросы, подберут именно для Вас подходящий дизайн интерьера, подготовят качественный дизайн проект Вашей квартиры, коттеджа или нежилого помещения, выполнят работы по перепланировке, осуществят реализацию проекта и сделают максимально уютным Ваш дом. Дизайн квартир Многие из нас, перед внесением каких-либо изменений в интерьер или планируя ремонт, задаются вопросом – почему зачастую экстравагантный дизайн квартир вызывает лишь скуку и апатию, а при одном взгляде на дизайн квартир, выполненный в традиционном стиле,появляется ощущение восторга. Как сделать так, чтобы интерьер не пестрил до назойливости стандартными штрихами, а дизайн квартир был не только модным, но обеспечивал индивидуальность жилища, причем не в ущерб уюту и комфорту. Отвечая на эти вопросы, в первую очередь необходимо констатировать совершенно банальную вещь, а именно - дизайн квартир должны создавать профессионалы своего дела. Только в этом случае дизайн квартир будет детально разработан с художественной точки зрения, и с эстетической, и разумеется с утилитарной, что в конечном итоге столь же важно. В результате профессионального подхода, интерьер будет смотреться гарантированно выигрышно, вне зависимости от планировки помещений. Во-вторых, в общей идее построения, дизайн квартир должен обязательно иметь некое неожиданное дизайнерское решение, которое, тем не менее, будет органично вписано в сложившийся интерьер. Другими словами, слепое следование шаблонам, без творческой подпитки, приводит к тому, что мы сегодня видим дизайн квартир, растиражированный в десятках тысяч «экземплярах» по всей стране. Вы скажете, что талантливых дизайнеров мало, а опытных и того меньше? Возможно это и так, но только не в нашей студии, в чем вы сможете убедиться, пролистав наше портфолио уже реализованных дизайн-проектов квартир в элитных жилищных комплексах Москвы. С нами, ваш будущий уникальный интерьер будет всегда в центре пристального внимания ваших друзей и знакомых. Начните завидовать самому себе прямо сейчас.
Разрабатывать дизайн интерьера коттеджа одновременно и сложно, и просто. Сложность создания интерьера коттеджей заключается в огромной свободе творческого маневра. Как правило, большинство стен можно переносить, а также достраивать дополнительные сооружения, которые будут играть вспомогательную роль. Создать интерьер коттеджу любого размера можно сравнительно легко, а процедура мало отличается от создания дизайна квартиры или офиса. О дизайне интерьера коттеджа можно говорить бесконечно, но мы предлагаем посмотреть, поэтому уже на первичном этапе подготовки мы делаем наброски, предварительные схемы и чертежи. Уже на первых встречах Вы сможете полюбоваться новым первыми результатами, высказывать свои замечания, вносить предложения и корректировать. Данная процедура разработки рассчитана на улучшение взаимодействия наших специалистов и заказчика с целью повышения качества работ. Если в процессе разработки чувствуется, что интерьеру коттеджа не хватает некоторых деталей, то мы выносим собственные предложение на согласование с заказчиком. Мы делаем все, чтобы Вы гордились новым дизайном коттеджа. После того как работы будут окончены, рассматриваются мелкие детали интерьера с целью отшлифовки стиля. Мы стараемся максимально увеличить эффективность нашего взаимодействия, и это становится причиной удивительных и неповторимых интерьеров коттеджей. Если у Вас есть желание выстроить отделку своего дома в соответствии с классическими канонами, то мы советуем пользоваться дизайнами, разработанными до мелочей.
Наша дизайн студия «ИнтеРИВ» на протяжении нескольких лет занимается дизайном интерьера и архитектурным дизайном. Ведущий дизайнер студии Ирина Романова, имеет богатый опыт в данной области и ее работы отмечены только положительными отзывами со стороны клиентов. Любое помещение квартира, офис, магазин, кафе, ресторан, спортивный комплекс, салон красоты, загородный дом, таунхаус и пентхаус благодаря нам превратятся в шедевр, при проектировании учитываются все нюансы и пожелания клиента. Любая, даже самая смелая Ваша задумка перепланировки помещения, с помощью наших рук воплотится в жизнь. Дизайн проект любого помещения позволит получить сведения о полной стоимости ремонта, и даже при необходимости всегда можно провести коррекцию бюджета используемых материалов и комплектующего оборудования, необходимых для отделки. Остановившись на выборе нашей дизайн студии «ИнтеРИВ» клиент получает гарантию на то, что при проектировании функционального и комфортного интерьера данного в работу объекта сможет избежать нервных и лишних финансовых затрат.
© Студия дизайна интерьеров «Лазурит» | Студия-Лазурит.РФ 123317, г.Москва, Пресненская наб., 10, корпус C Телефон: (495) 223-92-10 Почта: mail@erpg.ru
I CQ: 452313199 ДИЗАЙН ИНТЕРЬЕРОВ Вы, наверное, не раз разглядывая глянцевые журналы по дизайну, окидывали взглядом свою квартиру и мечтали, о том, что когда-нибудь и у вас будет такой красивый и уютный дом. Вы всей семьей выбирали подходящий дизайн для каждой комнаты, размышляли о том, в каком стиле оформить зал или кухню. И вот, долгожданный миг настал! Вы полностью готовы к переменам в собственном жилище. Ремонт квартиры дело не простое. Ведь правильно говорят ремонт проще начать, чем закончить, или ремонт квартиры нельзя завершить, его можно только прекратить. Но, тем не менее, мы все когда-нибудь начинаем ремонт в собственном жилище. Отделка помещения своими силами вполне возможна, но она сопряжена с рядом трудностей и большими затратами сил и времени, да и в итоге зачастую получается не совсем то, что нужно. Профессиональный дизайн интерьера заметен не вооруженным глазом. Каждый мельчайший компонент отделки, материалы, мебель и фурнитура подобраны как нельзя лучше. Ведь именно это вы встречали в красивых глянцевых журналах! Ни для кого не секрет, что очень часто площадь квартиры не велика, потолки низковаты, а шкафов и ниш не хватает для накопленного скарба. Профессиональный ремонт поможет решить все эти и многие другие проблемы. Дизайн квартиры, выполненный профессионалами, позволит зрительно расширить пространство, там, где это необходимо, скрыть все некрасивые нюансы жилья, зрительно приподнять потолок или организовать пространство для хранения вещей, таким образом, что бы на небольшом участке можно было уместить очень многое. Ремонт квартиры, красивый дизайн и оформление Вашего дома, будет радовать не только вас, но и Ваших гостей. Восхищенные взгляды ваших друзей и родственников вам будут обеспечены, если ваша квартира буде оформлена в неповторимом стиле опытными высококлассными специалистами своего дела – архитекторами и дизайнерами. Интерьер квартиры должен полностью соответствовать вашему вкусу, потребностям семьи и при этом быть стильным и красивым. Он способен изменить ваш дом до неузнаваемости. В профессиональном подходе к дизайну интерьера нуждается не только Ваша квартира, дом или дача, но и офис, кафе, гостиница или ресторан. Гармоничное сочетание цветов и стиля в интерьере любого публичного заведения придает ему шарм и неповторимый облик, притягивает посетителей и гостей. Отделка помещения на высоком профессиональном уровне – вот что нужно для продвижения вашего бизнеса к новым высотам! На рынке строительных и отделочных материалов такое разнообразие, что можно легко запутаться во всем этом великолепии. Ведь отделка и дизайн помещения начинается именно с этого – подбора качественных высокотехнологичных материалов, которые будут служить вам долгие годы, не теряя своих великолепных свойств и неся всю необходимую функциональную нагрузку. Выбор материалов, как и разработку дизайна, для его воплощения доверьте специалистам! Вам нужен дизайн отдельного помещения или всей квартиры (офиса, дачи, дома) как говорится «под ключ» Не ничего проще! Настоящие профессионалы Вам помогут в этом, проконсультируют, сделают проект и оформят все в лучшем виде быстро, грамотно, стильно и красиво! Ремонт и дизайн квартиры, это не та статья бюджета, на которой стоит экономить. Ведь дом - это то место, где вы проводите много времени, встречаете своих гостей, где растут ваши дети и где вы должны прожить счастливо долгие годы. Окружите себя уютом и красивыми вещами, удобной мебелью и функциональной кухней – и Вы поймете, чего вам не хватало все это время! Но вот ремонт вроде бы как сделан, стены и потолки приобрели свой законченный вид, осталось внести необходимое декорирование в интерьер и вы получите самый уютный и функциональный дом, который только можно придумать. Здесь важна каждая мелочь, от вида и формы штор до вазочки, стоящей на столе, от рамы картины, висящей на стене, до гардероба. Какой вы хотите видеть свою квартиру? Ведь дизайн это не только отражение видения дизайнера, но и зеркало вашей индивидуальности. Проявите творческий подход к этому нелегкому делу, и ваш дом будет благодарен вам за созданный в нем уют и то тепло, которое вы подарили ему, благодаря красивому оформлению.
И в один прекрасный день мы скажем им, всем остальным: «Встречайте Новый Сайт!» [url=http://ravshananddzhamshut.ru/primeri_dizayna_kvartiri.html]Посад недвижимость[/url].
Специалистами дизайн-студии «X-Project» в кратчайшие сроки были завершены работы по созданию дизайна упаковки шоколадных конфет
Компания Decostyle использует в своей работе только качественные материалы от ведущих производителей. Нашими партнерами являются лучшие дизайнеры и архитекторы, поэтому каждый проект выполняется в кратчайшие сроки и с высоким профессионализмом. На все проводимые работы мы предоставляем гарантию 12 месяцев.
Гораздо проще и разумнее не прорисовывать их каждый раз заново, а иметь отдельный файл, в котором собраны все основные графические элементы сайта.
Журнал для любителей и профессионалов, работающих в среде программ Adobe. [url=http://ravshananddzhamshut.ru/podohodniy_nalog_kvartira.html]Недвижимость сергиево посада[/url].
При создание сайта учитывается множество факторов: с какой целью создается сайт, на какую аудиторию он должен быть обращен, его стратегическое предопределение, а также еще масса значительных и незначительных нюансов.
Мастерская интерьера «Декор-сервис» рада предложить разработку дизайна интерьера, начиная от составления дизайн-проекта, который сделает праздничными интерьеры домов или превратит в современное и комфортабельное жилище любую квартиру.Это делает ремонт квартир наших заказчиков простым и доступным не только для жителей Краснодара. Не случайно нам уже заказали проведение работ по созданию современного дизайна интерьера в Краснодаре сотни горожан и жителей области. Не уступают им и владельцы коттеджей и частных особняков Краснодара. Множество интерьеров домов на юге России выполнены руками наших мастеров.


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В последние годы в Москве сформировалась целая категория специалистов, работающих в удаленном доступе. Многие из них переезжают за границу на длительное время, поскольку по роду деятельности не привязаны к офису. Дело в том, что во многих теплых странах аренда жилья стоит копейки, да и расходы на жизнь низкие по сравнению с московскими, пишет Коммерсант. Эмиграция на время. Присутствие всемирной паутины в нашей повседневной жизни стало нормой. В итоге для осуществления профессиональной деятельности у целого ряда специалистов отпала необходимость ежедневно находиться на своем рабочем месте, ведь интернет есть везде. А с недавних пор представители творческих профессий и вовсе предпочитают перебираться на ПМЖ за границу, не прерывая связей со своими работодателями. Свободные художники переносят свой рабочий кабинет в более комфортные условия по разным причинам: во-первых, с точки зрения климата, во-вторых - экономики. Выгоднее жить, например, на Бали, чем арендовать однокомнатную квартиру на окраине Москвы. Данная тенденция характерна для фрилансеров, людей творческих профессий либо связанных с интернетом. «К примеру, российская семейная пара, в которой оба работают трейдерами, в начале этого года приобрела апартаменты в Израиле на Средиземноморском побережье за $800 тыс. Это просторный пентхаус площадью 160 кв. м с несколькими комнатами, одна из которых переоборудована под офис с современной техникой»,- говорит Станислав Зингель, президент международного агентства зарубежной недвижимости Gordon Rock. В Москве за эти деньги можно купить только более или менее приличную «трешку» в не самом лучшем районе. Наиболее популярными странами для смены прописки являются Кипр, Египет, Таиланд, Греция, Турция и Бали. «Эти страны выбирают молодые люди, не слишком требовательные к сервису и удобствам. К тому же все они планируют вернуться на родину, поэтому сложно назвать это эмиграцией. Скорее - переезд на длительный срок»,- считает Андрей Кучин, генеральный директор Prime Time Realty. Купить недвижимость за рубежом по карману далеко не всем россиянам, поэтому большинство предпочитает арендовать недорогое жилье. Причем новоявленные переселенцы заблаговременно не обращаются в агентства недвижимости, чтобы подобрать себе новое жилище. «Обычно вопрос решается непосредственно на местности. Проще обратиться в местные агентства либо найти подходящий вариант через газеты или журналы»,- объясняет Денис Попов, генеральный директор Contact Real Estate. Кабинет под пальмами. Наибольшим спросом у россиян пользуется Таиланд - сказочная страна, где всегда тепло, чистый воздух, люди на улицах постоянно улыбаются, в продаже свежие фрукты и морепродукты, а главное - все стоит копейки. Например, снять виллу с бассейном дешевле, чем арендовать «однушку» в хрущевке на окраине Москвы. Если это бунгало без кухни на самом берегу моря, то его цена составит от 3 до 10 тыс. бат (1 бат примерно равен 1 рублю) в месяц. Кстати, кухня в Таиланде не особо нужна: здесь не принято питаться дома, поскольку на каждом шагу есть вкусные недорогие кафе. Аренда хорошего дома с кухней начинается от 10 тыс. бат в месяц (в Москве за такие деньги сложно арендовать даже комнату в коммуналке). Или можно найти квартиру в многоэтажном комплексе за 7 тыс. бат. Кстати, если снимать жилье не на месяц, а на более длительный срок, собственники предоставляют существенные скидки. Даже проживание в отеле намного дешевле аренды квартиры в Москве. Вэб-мастер Константин Живенко живет в отеле на острове Самуи, снимая номер площадью 50 кв. м за $300 в месяц. «В мои обязанности входит создание веб-сайтов и их продвижение в сети. Кроме того, я занимаюсь поддержкой клиентских сайтов, а также их аудитом,- говорит Константин.- Понятно, что этим можно заниматься в любой точке земного шара. Я выбрал ту, где дешевле и комфортнее». Однако вид на жительство в Таиланде получить практически нереально из-за сложностей с визами. По прилету из России в паспорте ставится штамп на 30 дней. Дальше нужно выезжать из страны и опять въезжать, чтобы поставили новый штамп. Но после нескольких таких въездов-выездов подряд тайцы могут поставить уже не 30-дневный, а 15-дневный штамп. Но есть и другой выход - получить визу в Малайзии сразу на 3 месяца. Там получение виз поставлено на поток: паспорт отдается в гостинице и забирается на следующий день за определенную сумму уже с визой. Черепахи входят в цену. Москвичка Милана Бергман, живя в Турции, тоже не прекращает трудиться на прежних работодателей, она занимается дизайном - делает полиграфию любого профиля, от визиток до книг. «К счастью, я не общаюсь напрямую с клиентами, и мне хватает нормально составленного технического задания, чтобы понять, что от меня требуется»,- рассказывает она. Впрочем, по ее словам, часть работодателей грешит тем, что несвоевременно производит оплату, понимая, что она ничего не может с этим поделать. Как говорит Милана, жилье в Аланье очень дешевое - приличные квартиры предлагаются по цене от 400 лир (8 тыс. руб.) в месяц. Сама она с мужем снимает трехкомнатную квартиру площадью 100 кв. м в районе Тосмур в 500 м от моря за 600 лир (12 тыс. руб.) в месяц. В сумму уже включены коммунальные расходы: вода, электричество и обслуживание. А на территории дома есть бассейн, сад, детская площадка, фитнесс и живые черепахи. Почти все современные турецкие квартиры спланированы по американскому стандарту: гостиная и кухня соединены в одну комнату. То есть 4-комнатная квартира (где 3 спальни, а кухня и гостиная «склеены») с бассейном, охраной, парковкой, площадками, фитнесом и т. д. предлагается в аренду от 600 до 1 тыс. лир в месяц. Одно- или двухкомнатная квартира сдается за 400-500 лир. Виллы предлагаются от 1 тыс. до 4 тыс. лир, в зависимости от укомплектованности, удаленности от моря, уединенности и т. д. Следует отметить, что с визой в Турции примерно такие же трудности, что и в Таиланде. Раньше въехать в Турцию на два месяца было очень просто, а потом - продлить ее до трех месяцев. Но в ходе недавнего визита президента Дмитрия Медведева в Турцию было принято решение отменить визовый режим. Это облегчает жизнь туристам, но создает проблемы «постоянным» жителям. Теперь, чтобы пересечь турецкую границу, не нужно платить $20, но при этом срок пребывания в стране ограничивается 30 днями. Безграничная свобода. Еще одно привлекательное для россиян место - остров Бали в Индонезии. Здесь предлагается в аренду очень обширный спектр недвижимости. Например, небольшой домик в пяти минутах от океана с собственным двориком, вентиляцией и водой можно снять за 1,8 млн рупий в месяц (что примерно равно $180, 10 тыс. рупий = $1). Именно в таких домах чаще всего живут русские. Столько же стоит самая простая из возможных гостиниц, но в ней не будет кондиционера и горячей воды. Апартаменты можно снять за $200-500 в месяц, дом - за $0,7-1 тыс., а виллу - максимум за $1,5 тыс. Так, Юхан Корбелайнен, независимый трейдер на рынке FOREX, снимает дом в 200 м от пляжа с кухней, двумя комнатами, верандой и балконом. В пересчете на российскую валюту, все удовольствие обходится ему в 16 тыс. руб. в месяц. В Москве за ту же сумму можно снять только комнату, а здесь - жилье на любой вкус. Но самая главная проблема заключается в том, что даже покупка жилья не дает вида на жительство, что уж говорить об аренде. Наши соотечественники переезжают не только в жаркие страны, но и в Европу, причем не в последнюю очередь - из соображений экономии. Учредитель маркетингового агентства R.E.M. Agency Татьяна Астер развивает свою компанию в Москве, живя при этом в Берлине. «Моя профессия связана с творчеством, необходимостью постоянно изучать мировые новинки и неординарные решения в области маркетинга недвижимости. Я смотрю на рекламу, бренды, навигацию - это очень обогащает рабочую практику»,- говорит Татьяна Астер. В Берлине у нее с мужем есть дом и квартира. «В Москве жилье такого качества потребовало бы астрономических заработков»,- добавляет она. Снять апартаменты практически в центре города со спальней, кухней и гостиной комнатой можно за $1 тыс. в месяц. А, например, одноко
Купив тур на любой теплоход, у каждого появится великолепная возможность чудесно отдохнуть, прекрасно провести время со своей семьей, любимым человеком, друзьями, или побыть в одиночестве. Эти несколько дней без городской суеты, смога и шума будут незабываемыми. Наверняка, при первой же возможности отдохнуть, у Вас появится непреодолимое желание вновь осуществить путешествие по реке, любоваться пейзажами и дышать чистым воздухом.
Познакомиться со страной, выучить иностранный язык, приобрести бесценный жизненный опыт поможет программа для работы за границей AU Pair. Название этой программы можно перевести как «на равных», она успешно действует в Европе уже более 50 лет и регулируется «Европейским соглашением об AU Pair». Сегодня это самая популярная европейская образовательная программа для тех, кому от 18 до 29. Если вы выезжаете за рубеж по программе AU Pair, то вам предстоит жить в принимающей семье, где вы будете заниматься детьми и выполнять несложную домашнюю работу. Принимающая семья предоставляет вам отдельную комнату для проживания, питаться вы будете совместно с семьей, и, кроме того, у вас будут карманные деньги (от 240 до 370 евро в мес.) и медицинская страховка. Принимающая семья обязана предоставить вам свободное время для посещения курсов иностранного языка. Программа AU Pair рассчитана на срок от 6 до 12, реже 24 месяцев и действует в Германии, Франции, Австрии, Дании и Швеции. [url=http://postjobsandresumes.info/vakansii_s-pb.html]Контрольная работа на тему проблемы воспитания трудных детей методика педагогического сопровожде[/url].
Работа в Канаде, США, Египте, Чехии, Турции,Финляндии, Йемене, Японии, Кипре, ОАЭ, Австрии, на Круизных лайнерах. Вакансии: официант, аниматор, бармен, массажист,.
Вторая – это оценка того, что является реальным технологическим прорывом. Это, конечно, даст время, потому что мы здесь занимаемся самооценкой. Компании говорят, что это прорывное, где-то проводят технологический аудит, сравнивают себя с зарубежными компаниями, но ключевой вопрос – это содержание проектов, насколько они будут конкурентоспособными. Наверное, это два самых основных вопроса.
Туристы "Мостурфлота" на Амуре В сентябре 2010 года туристы круизной компании "Мостурфлот" совершили путешествие по дальневосточной реке Амур. 18.09.2010
Мы предлагаем вам ВЗАИМОВЫГОДНОЕ сотрудничество в области международных студенческих программ: Work&Travel USA, Work and Study Canada , UK Programs. Уже более 10-ти лет мы успешно занимается обучением, стажировками и трудоустройством за рубежом, ежегодно принимаем участие в международных конференциях, посвященных программам культурного обмена в Сан-Франсиско, Нью-Йорке и Лондоне В настоящий момент мы открываем набор на программу Work and Travel 2010 - самую массовую обменную программу США для студентов. [url=http://postjobsandresumes.info/vakansii_zaveduyushchiy_stomatologiey_moskva.html]Usb-irda u-243 не хочет работать[/url].
Дмитрий Анатольевич, Ваш визит на Камчатку в прошлом году придал очень важный дополнительный импульс работе энергетиков. Игорь Иванович Сечин [Заместитель Председателя Правительства] дал поручение увеличить мощность Мутновской станции на 13 мегаватт за счёт использования технологий вторичного вскипания пара и строительства бинарных блоков. В настоящее время мы рассматриваем совместно с исландскими партнёрами ещё один проект сооружения в регионе ещё одной геотермальной станции, и, что самое интересное, на российском оборудовании.
В Италии, например, женщины в возрасте от 20 до 45 лет, работая в итальянских семьях, где есть дети, престарелые или больные, требующие ухода, – гувернанткой или сиделкой могут зарабатывать от 450 долларов США в месяц при полном пансионе. Подобная картина наблюдается и в других странах Европы. Причем, чем западнее - тем выше заработок. Кстати, наиболее предпочтительны в этом плане Туманный Альбион и Скандинавия.


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An important focus of ANHA is supporting the choice to wear African-inspired hairstyles, embracing our culture and setting our own standards of beauty.If you've ever been around "the fashion world," or grown up reading "fashion magazines," you will understand EXACTLY what this film portrays: "Life, Exactly As They Know It!" The "choppiness" and "vagueness" objected to by other reviewers is EXACTLY why this is such a great film, why this is such a "Real" film: anyone who has ever been around "these people" will see exactly how the dialogue mirrors "real life" in the fashion / magazine biz. The "one real scene" between Hemmingway and the photographer (as described by another reviewer) is precisely showing how rare and difficult a "real" moment is to find. In fact, they are ALL "real scenes," wherein lies their power. The scene where the daughter, (not "drug addled," by the way, as described by another reviewer) who is the antithesis of "fashion," describes how reading magazines "makes her feel bad about herself" and her mother's instant rejection and leaving of the restaurant, is telling precisely the truth. And then any woman who rejects "fashion standards" is left alone at the table. The emptiness of the life and the constant ebb and flow of current, changing tides, makes any real or lasting connection impossible. This is even alluded to with Paul Sorvino in one discussion about going to the hip-hop look: something to the effect of "in Europe, classic can last. in America, you have to keep moving!" Then the hip hop boys point out that the baggy-pants hip hop look was born from poverty and "10 brothers and sisters, but the suburban kids will follow" even at an unaffordable $150.00 a pop! But that's the game!" Until I saw this film, I never understood why I was not accepted - could never connect with anyone in the "Fashion Crowd" when I lived in Paris and New York. Now I know why. What was there to connect to? People who "didn't want to be nothing" People who made their living preying on others creativity and beauty, at the cost of making everyone else feel like "less?" An industry that feeds on people's insecurities and wanting to "fit in?" I liked the daughter the best. She stood alone, sad and lost, but stayed true to herself in the end and went on home, wherever that might be. There are so many profound statements in the dialogue of this film that it would be worth printing every one of them here. Perhaps some film buff / college student might write a dissertation on this film alone. Who sang the beautiful music with hip hop and opera combined? I would love to have a music CD of the film, and am buying the DVD just so I can "listen to the film" again and again. Hope to see more. 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WSZ-J полно автоматическое оборудование для производства туалетной бумаги из готового сырья 1, Модель: 1092, 1575, 1760,2200,2500,2800 2, Максимальная ширина разматываемй бобины, мм (формат):1350,1750,2000,2150,2400,2700 3, Максимальный диаметр бобины, мм:2500mm 4, Внутренний диаметр втулки бобины, мм: 3'‘ (76.2мм) и другие 5, Контроллер: PLC 6, Тормоз: электрически и атмосферное давление 7, чеканочный вальц: один вальц, два вальцы, сталь к сталь, пневматическый вальц, по заказу 8, Под-вальц: фетр-вальц, каучук-вальц, другие по заказу 9, Скорость машины: 0-200м / мин 10, Максимальная Рабочая скорость: 180м / мин 11, Внешный диаметр окончательного продукта: 90-135мм, другие размеры по заказу 12, Контроль листа окончательного продукта: увеличится по шагу до определенного диаметра 13, Перфорация дистанции: 90-140мм с 4 пластинкой, 200-350мм с 2 пластинкой, 200-500мм с 1 пластинкой 14, Управление скоростью: частотный преобразователь 15, Загрузка втулки: Автоматическая 16, Автоматическая остановка машины при отсутствии втулки: естьКингисеппская школа №3 7.Как сделать бумагу в быту?[url=http://company-tessa.pp.ua/kopchenie_ribi_oborudovanie.html]Сколько стоит горно рудное оборудование на нкмз[/url].Комплексная линия по переработке молока. Линия оснащена всем необходимым оборудованием для завершенного технологического цикла. Линия включает все необходимые вспомогательные агрегаты и.[url=http://company-tessa.pp.ua/oborudovanie_dlya_napolneniya_vozdushnih_sharov_geliem.html]Шиномонтажное оборудование ооо компания омега нновгород wwwmaxinformruautoservis-katalog-2[/url].выйти на новый путь в 21 веке, и, не смотря на то, что ей уже 19 лет, она энергична и активна. Я полагаю, что ключ предпринимательской деятельности в получении ресурсов, использовании и их распределении. Я также осознаю существование противника в предстоящей шахматной партии. Очевидно, что состязания в будущем будут становиться все более сложными и интенсивными, как сказано: “Множество героев появлялись для борьбы за столь прекрасную Землю, все же только немногие могли достигнуть цели. ” Можно перефразировать - в прошлом было множествоИП "Чайковский А.В." предлагает оборудование для производства салфеток. По вопросу приобретения обращайтесь по телефону: 8-919-777-28-29. Технологический процесс производства салфеток включает в себя: разматывание бумаги, нанесение рисунка, формирование оттисков на бумаге, раскладка бумаги в виде "гармошки", разрезка на две части уложенные пачки бумаги (салфеток), выход готовой продукции из рабочей зоны блока разбрасывания на упаковочный стол, упаковка салфеток в упаковочные и тарные пакеты. Электрическая мощность линии - не более 5 кВт. Месячная производительность - 190,080 шт / пачек салфеток (по 100 салфеток в пачке)0 при скорости 600 салф./мин. и трехсменной работе. Занимаемая производственная площать 40-50 м 2. Обслуживающий персонал на одну смену - 1 оператор и 4 упаковщицы. Себестоимость одной пачки салфеток в среднем 3 рубля (в пачке 100 листов). Окупаемость станка 1,5 месяца. Стоиость линии в 1,5-2 раза ниже имеющихся аналогов. Оборудованию проведена промышленная обкатка по заданным режимам. Краткая техническая характеристика (Производство Турция) 1 Размер салфеток 240 х 240 2 Габариты в мм. 900 х 4500 х 1500 3 Вес 1500 кг 4 Производительность 1000 шт/мин. 5 Плотность бумаги от 16 до 32 г/м2 6 Потребляемая мощность 3 кВт 7 Сеть электропитания 220/380 8 Механическая настройка натяжки в приводах механических узлов + 9 Автоматическая остановка при обрыве бумаги + 10 Программируемый счетчик количества салфеток + 11 Плавный запуск и регулировка скорости машин + 12 Работа линии с покрасочными узлами при максимальной скорости производительности + 13 Автоматическая защита от перегрузок сети потребляемого напряжения + 14 Два покрасочных модуля для нанесения на салфетку рисунка (два цвета одновременно) + 15 Два вала тиснения + 16 Все опасные узлы защищены щитками + 17 Цена Тел. 8-919-777-28-29 Оборудование для резки бумаги ПРС (поперечно резательный станок) 1. 1 Максимальный размер рулона 2100 см 2 Производительность за 1 час 500 кг 3 Потребляемая мощность 5 кВт 4 Электроэнергия 380 V 5 Габаритные размеры 2900 х 2300 х 1400 6 Цена Тел. 8-919-777-28-29 2. 1 Максимальный размер рулона 1260 см 2 Производительность за 1 час 300 кг 3 Потребляемая мощность 4,5 кВт 4 Электроэнергия 380 V 5 Габаритные размеры 1500 х 2250 х 1300 6 Цена Тел. 8-919-777-28-29 ОСНОВНЫЕ ТЕХНИЧЕСКИЕ РЕШЕНИЯ Скорость: 1.1. не менее 700 салфеток / мин – некрашеные 1.2. не менее 550 салфеток / мин – крашеные Размеры: 2.1. формат продольный 210 (длина) 2.2. формат поперечный до 250 (ширина) две пары съемных валов тиснения две пары покрасочных валов Сушильные камеры Устройство пеногашения Устройство регулирования рисунка в продольном направлении Устройство регулирования в поперечном направлении регулировка натяжения бумажного полотна в двух местах: 9.1. на головке 9.2. на узле разматывания Размеры салфеточной машины: ширина макс ~ 800 длина до 5000 Электроника «Сименс» Двигатели отечественные, общая мощность 4 кВт материалы и комплектующие (подшипники и т.д.) отечественные Ремни плоскозубчатые с узлами натяжения Основание неразборное из сварного швеллера (№12) Датчик обрыва и схода полотна На головке по паре лапок. Устройство зажима салфеток обеспечивает легкость и удобство замены щеток и при работе обеспечивает плавность захода щеток в зажимной паз Все валы отбалансированы (головки, тиснения, клише) Электронный датчик салфеток выдает информацию на табло в «салфетках / штуках» Все валы на подшипниках качения (шарикоподшипниках) Крепеж – головка с внутренним шестигранником, подкаленные Узел регулировки Бабины в продольном направлении полотна (на узле размотки) При обрыве полотна бабина быстро останавливается, снабжена тормозом. Так же механизм разматывания обеспечивает полное разматывание бабины без обрывов. Салфеточная машина соответствует стандартам России на аналогичную технику и разрешена к применению. Время последней модификации 1271961038Оборудование для производства туалетной бумаги из готовой основы (с возможностью ароматизированная) от производителя - бумоборудования «Папир-Центр» со всеми необходимыми документами. Автоматические перемоточные и резательные машины Цена супер Перемоточный комплекс автомат При покупки комплекта (намоточного и резательного) мы бесплатно поставляем: - стол для термоупаковке - стол для упаковки- установку термоусадочную и документы, ТУУ. Мы также производим оборудование для производства бумаги (т.В последующем возможно наращивание мощностей, а так же выпуск бумажных полотенец и различных салфеток (с логотипами, самовытягивающиеся и т.д.).Компания "Митра Трейдинг" предлагает высокоточную линию по нарезке и упаковке бумаги формата А3, А4. Осуществляет нарезку глянцевой фотобумаги, обычной бумаги, бумаги с покрытием, картона, голографической бумаги, а так же различных видов пластиковых пленок и тканей. Поставлякм так же бумагу в рулонах.2. ОБОРУДОВАНИЕ ДЛЯ ПРОИЗВОДСТВА МЕШОЧНОЙ БУМАГИ И БУМАЖНЫХ МЕШКОВ.  2.1. Оборудование  для производства мешочной бумаги.  2.2. Рынок оборудования для производства бумажных мешков.


Все для полиграфии Интернет-магазин расходных материалов для полиграфии компании "ЕКО". [url=http://shopequipment.pp.ua/materiali_dlya_svarki_zh/45shopequi_0_zh/proizvoditeli_sputnikovogo_kabelnogo_tv_oborudovanie.html]Оборудование литейного участка[/url]. Оставаясь основным покупателем автобетононасосов (оборудование это дорогое, и окупить его можно только там, где существуют достаточные объемы строительства), Москва постепенно уступает регионам пальму первенства по общим объемам закупок бетонного оборудования. Сегодня ей вместе с Московской областью достается не более 25–30%. Бетонная техника CIFA работает по всей России, начиная с юга – Ростовская область, Краснодар, Сочи, республики Северного Кавказа – и до Заполярья, и от Москвы через Урал и Сибирь – до Тихого океана. [url=http://shopequipment.pp.ua/skupaem_bitovki_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/professionalnoe_oborudovanie_tsifrovih_avtootvetchikov.html]Solingen кухонные ножи[/url]. Прокладку сетей пожарно-охранной сигнализации следует выполнять в соответствии с п. 1.24 настоящих ВСН.Модули полноцветной лазерной печати Canon (Япония) ; RISO (Япония) – ризографы; KyoseraMita (Япония) – лазерные принтеры, копиры, МФУ; OKI(Япония) – светодиодные цветные и монохромные принтеры, копиры и МФУ; Duplo (Япония) - листободборщики, фальцовщики, дупликаторы, термопереплетные аппараты; брошюровальные линии; GMP (Ю. Корея) - пакетные и рулонные ламинаторы, биговщики; GBC (США) - брошюровщики, ламинаторы, уничтожители; Ideal (Германия) - резаки, уничтожители документов; Rapid (Швеция) - профессиональные степлеры (вкл. Электрические); Nagel (Германия) - бумагосверлильные машины, профессиональные степлеры, нумераторы; Ibico (Швейцария) - брошюровщики, термопереплетные аппараты; Renz (Германия) - брошюровщики, обрезчики углов и дыроколы; Hamada (Япония) – офсетные печатные машины Polygraph (Германия) - копировальные рамы, проявочные процессоры; кюветы, монтажные столы Introma (Польша) – проволокошвейное оборудование, Aurora (Китай) - прессы для горячего тиснения, проволокошвейные машины, рулонные и пакетные ламинаторы, тигельные прессы, проволокошвейные машины, термопереплетные аппараты; Tampoprint (Германия) – аппараты для тампопечати; WorkHorse Products (США) – шелкотрафаретное оборудование; Kimoto (Япония) , Canson (Франция) , Kruse - пленка для лазерных принтеров, аэрозоли, корректирующие карандаши, очистители и др. Расходные материалы:для ризографов и принтеров, тапопечати, шелкографии, офсета; скрепки, скобы, проволока, клей, пленка для ламинирования, фольга и фотополимеры для тисения, смола для полимерной этикетки, материалы для термотренсфера, марзаны, ножи, сверла и т.д. Наши контакты: Адрес: РФ, 302030, г. Орел, ул. Московская д. 69, 2 этаж, офис 220Наряду с одиночными окопами устраиваются окопы на два–три человека. Окоп на три человека имеет, как правило, ломаное начертание в плане. Для улучшения защиты стрелков от огня стрелкового оружия с фронта и с флангов бруствер окопа устраивается высотой 50–60 см, а с тыльной части и в секторах обстрела 30 см. Объем вынутого грунта для производства окопа для двух стрелков 1,6 м3. На устройство окопа требуется 1,5 чел.час. Объем вынутого грунта для производства окопа для трех стрелков 3,6 м3. На устройство окопа требуется 3,5 чел.час.RYOBI 750 - cовременные многокрасочные печатные машины формата B2, серийное производство которых было начато в 2002 году. При создании машин RYOBI 750 использовались все новейшие достижения в области полиграфического машиностроения.Общий вид решеток на фасаде и схема организации воздушных потоков через эти решеткиB2Blogger.com — «блогоиздание» о промышленном В2В-маркетинге, представляющее исключительную информацию и сервисы специалистам в сфере маркетинга, рекламы и PR, руководителям предприятий, консультантам по бизнесу, преподавателям и студентам учебных заведений.2. Батальонные районы и опорные пункты располагаются, как правило, на дорогах, просеках, возвышенных участках местности, в дефиле и приспосабливаются к круговой обороне. [url=http://shopequipment.pp.ua/materiali_dlya_svarki_zh/45shopequi_0_zh/45shopequi_0_zh/45shopequi_0_zh/45shopequi_0_zh/45shopequi_0_zh/prodam_pechatnoe_oborudovanie.html]Переработка полиэтилена оборудование[/url]. В настоящий момент наш завод имеет техническую возможность переоборудовать в самосвал следующие основные модели грузовых автомобилей: [url=http://shopequipment.pp.ua/oborudovanie_dlya_restoranov_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/kuhonnie_nozhi_kasumi.html]Оборудование салона оптика zeiss[/url]. 1.3.5. Каждый баллон с ГСН, устанавливаемый на ГБТС, независимо от их количества, должен иметь запорный вентиль, позволяющий отключать его (в случае необходимости) от газотопливной системы питания, в том числе при проведении технического обслуживания, ремонтных работ, хранении ГБТС в закрытом помещении и в других случаях.Время. Мы экономим ваше время. Даже если вы технически подкованы и разбираетесь в данном вопросе, вам понадобится масса времени на подбор и выбор нужного оборудования, поиск поставщиков, переговоры, анализ полученной информации и т.д. Чаще всего скомплектоваться не получается в одном месте, а это значительно удлиняет процесс. Для быстрой и правильной комплектации необходимо еще и знание технической стороны, ведь помимо основного оборудования в системе присутствует много вспомогательного, про которое забывают, или просто не знают.14-ая выставка Drupa , проходящая с 29 мая по 11 июня в Дюссельдорфе, без сомнения, является важнейшим полиграфическим событием 2008 года. Весь печатный мир готовятся к поездке в Германию. Конечно же, ИПРИС не является исключением.5 шаг. 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Вибростанок Команч с доставкой в Тернополь стоит 6300 гривен. С керамзитом на нашем оборудовании работать можно. [url=http://shopequipment.pp.ua/novoe_oborudovanie_dlya_raspechatki_fotografii_s_mobilnogo.html]Реферат оборудование и оснащение помещений гостиниц[/url]. Новый крупноформатный автомат от YAWA - MW1450 Новый крупноформатный автомат от YAWA - MW1450 [url=http://shopequipment.pp.ua/oborudovanie_dlya_restoranov_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/45shopequi_0_b/oborudovanie_dlya_ohrani_knizhnih_magazinov.html]Концентратор мед оборудование[/url]. Если Вы решили купить дизельные генераторы, мы предложим Вам широкий выбор. Компания ООО «МегаПром» на протяжении ряда лет осуществляет продажу дизельных электростанций лучших отечественных и зарубежных производителей. У нас вы сможете купить дизельные генераторы самых известных мировых брендов. К вашим услугам дизельные генераторы и электростанции производства фирм.1.1. Полевые фортификационные сооружения для личного состава (окопы, сооружения для наблюдения и укрытия)Реальное время, затраченное на переоборудование данного авто, можно рассчитать по формуле: 6 час. ? 3 раза ? 2 чел.; не учитывая работы токаря и набора составляющих (труба механическая, труба механическая большего размера, поводки, подшипники, штатные педали от «Классики», трос газа 08, сектор воздушной заслонки, уголок 32, метизы, опорные обоймы подшипников и др.). Гарантия на переоборудование – 1 год. Весь объем работ подкрепляется сертификатом соответствия.Интервал температур при эксплуатации – от –40 до +45 °C.Бетононасосы применяются на строительных площадках для транспортирования к месту укладки бетонов, растворов и жестких растворов, а так же при монолитном строительстве.Еще одна особенность – в Китае очень популярны бетононасосы с электродвигателями. Разница в цене при одинаковой производительности, дальности и высоте подачи между ними и моделями, оснащенными дизелями, доходит до нескольких десятков тысяч долларов. Эксплуатационные расходы у электробетононасосов тоже ниже, в т.ч. за счет сокращения трудозатрат, связанных с техническим обслуживанием, обеспечением запчастями и расходными материалами. (Причем необходимо подчеркнуть, что китайские электродвигатели очень качественные, они уже сейчас в значительной степени потеснили российские на российском же рынке). Пока у российских строителей отношение к бетононасосам с электродвигателем не совсем однозначное из-за стойкого мнения, что де на любой стройке «всегда есть проблемы с электричеством». Но не сомневаюсь, раз попробовав, российские строители станут такими приверженцами электробетононасосов, как и их китайские коллеги.


The third requirement is an annual permitting fee of $215.а The fee is annual because City Staff wants the building official to review and permit your community garden each year.а A fee for feeТs sake.а As we have said before, we should be thankful that we have community gardeners willing to transform vacant lots into gardens. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/aftermarket_parts.html]Dawes kids bikes[/url]. Roehr Motorcycles has a new line of eRoehr bikes available for order, and they are quite a suite of machines. If you’re not familiar with the company, they’re about the only American manufacturer making a proper sportbike these days, and now they have a suite of electric offerings too. Read the complete article at: Roehr Motorcycles [.] [url=http://bike-freak.tk/kawasaki_parts.html]Bmx bike[/url]. Short-wheelbase or tall bicycles, when braking, can generate enough stopping force at the front wheel to flip longitudinally. [ 10 ] The act of purposefully using this force to lift the rear wheel and balance on the front without tipping over is a trick known as a stoppie, endo or front wheelie.Many of our best community gardens are quite underwhelming and certainly not the work of any self-respecting landscape architect.а Mulch paths crisscrossed by plastic irrigation tubing.а A pile of dirt needing attention.а An unimposing wooden coop held together by chicken-wire.а A wheelbarrow with a flat tire.а Beautifully messy places nevertheless.а Everything has a purpose and works harmoniously for the sake of food production in a communal setting.Partnering with numerous organizations worldwide, One Day’s Wages is a Seattle based grassroots movement seeking to end extreme global poverty. Song’s for a Cause is the first album they’ve released. The complication includes Polka Dot Dot Dot plus other amazing Olympia and Seattle bands! It’s available for download at ODW’sFinally, a long rambling post like this one wouldnТt be complete without a Tour de France mention. Murray alerted me to this great collection of photos at the Boston Globe, which I think really captures the excitement of this yearТs race. TodayТs stage was another one that kept that excitement going. The change in the GC made me think thoughЕ maybe Third Eye should step in as Saxo Bank sponsor for next year. Seriously though, I do run a chain watcher on my road bike, and they are not uncommon in the pro peloton either. Hindsight is 20/20, but that ounce of prevention would have really paid off for Schleck today.Evan, who was a 2004 Kansas state champion cyclist, explains that an accident prompted him to design and develop the product. After 15 years of accident free riding, he was hit by a car in 2007. УI landed on my face,Ф he recalls. УThe acнcident really shook me up. I did a few more races, but eventually lost my drive.Ф Fortunately, Evan chose to focus on the design for a cyclometer with a rearview camera at that time. УI wanted to create something to make it safer to ride a bike. My design background really helped me pull the pieces togethнer. EverythingЧthe skills and the resourcesЧfell into place.ФClear Channel Outdoor, an outdoor advertising company, will launch the countryТs first bike-share service in Washington, D.C., in mid-May in partnership with the districtТs Department of Transportation. SmartBike DC will initially offer annual subscribers access to 100 bikes at 10 stations in the cityТs central business district. Other cities, including San Francisco and Chicago, are eager to follow suit.Finally, a long rambling post like this one wouldnТt be complete without a Tour de France mention. Murray alerted me to this great collection of photos at the Boston Globe, which I think really captures the excitement of this yearТs race. TodayТs stage was another one that kept that excitement going. The change in the GC made me think thoughЕ maybe Third Eye should step in as Saxo Bank sponsor for next year. Seriously though, I do run a chain watcher on my road bike, and they are not uncommon in the pro peloton either. Hindsight is 20/20, but that ounce of prevention would have really paid off for Schleck today. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/electric_bicycle_motor.html]Marin bike[/url]. Anyone here done any cycling on Hainan recently? I am looking for a gateway into China and I can get a flight to Hainan reasonably cheaply. I would plan to spend a week or so cycling around the island before heading off to the mainland. Is it worth it? The alternative is flying into Macau and then cycling out of there. I can't help thinking that Hainan would be nicer than coastal Guandong. The LP and other sources rave about cycling in Hainan and I wondered if it lives up to the recommendations. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/downhill_bike.html]Bike forks[/url]. Hello, i am planning a bicycle ride from the US heading towards the tip of South America. I understand that crossing in Tijuana inoilves riding a very busy and hairy road down to Ensanada. Can anyone recommend a quieter road for that stretch ? The other question i have concerns the safety situation along the Mexican border. Has anyone cycled there lately or knows about the likelihood of kidnappings and muggings which may be on the rise due to the general lawlessness of that region ? May it be safer to cross in Arizona and head south along the mainland Pacific coast and how does that ride compare with Baja ? I am going to be leaving in early December and have not found ( or looked long for ) a cycling partner yet, I have mostly cycled alone but in Central and south America i would prefer to share the adventure with someone. So if you like to join me check out my classified ad at t. more »Leave it to Portland to continue to be revolutionary on the bike front. PDX airport now has a station purpose built for travelers who have brought a bike with them and would like to build it and ride off into the sunset. IТve assembled my bike at LAX baggage claim before and despite some inquisitive passengers and a leery security guard, it went just fineЕbut a bike station would be even betterPR — Interbike is partnering with Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) to provide new electric bicycle features at OutDoor Demo, September 20-21, 2010. The features include an eBike-only paved demo track and the Hill Climb Challenge, a spectator-friendly race that will compare the endurance of unassisted cyclists to the battery-operated power of the latest pedal-assist [.]ScottТs concept is a runner-up in the UK’s Business Design Centre New Designer of the Year Award. The Core77 blog also posted about this design and they point out that he is dumping the award money back into the project for further development. That is good to hear. IТll look forward to seeing the next iteration of his design.Finally, I will mention this solar powered bike sharing system for Copenhagen. As bike sharing programs become more prevalent, I suspect that designers will increasingly view them as a unified system integrated into an overall transportation plan rather than an unrelated collection of partsЕ sort of like this, this, or this.Though Kestrel is not the same company it was 20 years ago, I am glad to see that the brand is still focused on good design. The new bikes might not be as groundbreaking as those early monocoque composite frames were 20 years ago, but they do still have distinctive features and nice design details. Just looking at the pictures on their website and blog, Kestrel seems like a brand that I should get to know again.
If you must drive because your commute covers a long distance, you can still rely on bicycling to avoid traffic jams near to your destination. Just bring a bike with the car, and pull off your route when you reach the very slow traffic. After you park the car, finish the commute with your bicycle. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/bicycles_plu.html]Aftermarket parts[/url]. Kick stands keep a bicycle upright when parked, while a bike lock will help prevent it from being stolen. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/bicycle_repair_man.html]Titanium bike[/url]. If you have checking out the tech sections of the various cycling sites lately, you have probably noticed the SRAM Red rear derailleurs with carbon fiber cages developed by Wolfgang Berner. Rafael Hoffleit, whose bikes I have mentioned on the blog a couple times before, points out that he is handcrafting the small carbon pieces for those rear derailleurs. He mentions that though it is a very small part, he is a bit proud:Rafael also recently received recognition for the Heidelberg singlespeed, which was selected as a BrandNewAward finalist. That bike, along with others from Rafael, will be on display at the Bike Expo in Munich from July 22 nd to 25 th. In addition to the urban oriented singlespeed Heildelberg, Rafael also has a new track bike based on his r-011 time trial bike. The “Spyder” (pictured here) looks very nice. As with his time trial bikes, I like the integration of a fairly standard stem into the frame. Nice details all around.In The Netherlands, all train stations are equipped with provisions for bicycle parking for a small fee and the larger ones also with bicycle repair shops, and cycling is so popular that the parking capacity is sometimes exceeded.ThereТs been a lot of interest from touring cyclists over the past few years about the situation into Tibet. ItТs always changing for year to year, mainly due to the sensitive nature of Tibet, the politics and the odd uprising among the Tibetan people. The information from both those that have traveled there and those that havenТt is often conflicting Ц which is most likely a product of time, the situation on the ground as well as the ever changing rules and regulations. All that aside, here is some handy more recent advice for those adventurous few cyclists hat may want to СsneakТ in and what they are likely to face in 2010. This is not at all a guide to cycling Tibet but rather first hand advice and tips for the more adventurous cyclist as well as what to look out for when attempting to sneak in. http://www.cyclestrongman.com/resources/tips-tricks-and-advice/countries/ Un. more »It is hard to believe it is that time of year already, but Eurobike will be kicking off this Friday. If you are in Friedrichshafen over the weekend, you will most likely notice the curved seattube bikes from the Australian company Vuelo Velo (check out the about section of their website for a little background).Many cyclists carry tool kits. These may include a tire patch kit (which, in turn, may contain any combination of a hand pump or CO 2 Pump, tire levers, spare tubes, self-adhesive patches, or tube-patching material, an adhesive, a piece of sandpaper or a metal grater (for roughing the tube surface to be patched), [ 20 ] [ 21 ] and sometimes even a block of French chalk.), wrenches, hex keys, screwdrivers, and a chain tool. There are also cycling specific multi-tools that combine many of these implements into a single compact device. More specialized bicycle components may require more complex tools, including proprietary tools specific for a given manufacturer.


After a disappointing Tour start this year, Mark Cavendish seems to be back on track with his second stage win in two days. The attention is back on Cav, but the bike that he is riding, the recently unveiled SCOTT F01, deserves a lot of attention as well. The new aerodynamic road racing bike, which SCOTT developed in close partnership with Team HTC-Columbia and Drag2Zero services, was presented at a press conference in Rotterdam right before the Prologue. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/mongoose_bike.html]Girl on bike[/url]. In the early 1860s, Frenchmen Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallement took bicycle design in a new direction by adding a mechanical crank drive with pedals on an enlarged front wheel (the velocipede). Another French inventor by the name of Douglas Grasso had a failed prototype of Pierre Lallement's bicycle several years earlier. Several inventions followed using rear wheel drive, the best known being the rod-driven velocipede by Scotsman Thomas McCall in 1869. The French creation, made of iron and wood, developed into the "penny-farthing" (historically known as an "ordinary bicycle"), a retronym, since there was then no other kind. [ 4 ] It featured a tubular steel frame on which were mounted wire-spoked wheels with solid rubber tires. These bicycles were difficult to ride due to their very high seat and poor weight distribution. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/dawes_kids_bikes.html]Kids bicycles[/url]. On Saturday June 26th The Nextdoor Neighbors will be playing in Seattle as part of the Artopia festival, “Seattle Weekly’s annual celebration of all local innovative art and emerging talent. Artopia is a multi-disciplinary event that boasts an eclectic mix of art, ranging from the renowned to the obscure to the completely undiscovered…The program itself is unconventional, idiosyncratic, and welcoming, all like the neighborhood that hosts us. We take over the streets of Georgetown, the parking lots, alleyways, artist lofts, and warehouses and create an urban arts adventure you do not want to miss!New Update: More Great 2010 Cycling Events! Colorado offers some of the best activities and options for bicycling enthusiasts. Museum exhibits, clinics, rides with coaches, and great bicycling events offer a wealth of choices for bicyclists. Check out the LATEST additions to the 2010 Bicycle Colorado Event Calendar. All the fabulous events listed are also members of Bicycle Colorado, supporting our policy, education, and advocacy work at Bicycle Colorado. We look forward to seeing you on the road at many of these rides! www.BicycleColorado.org/to/events Photo courtesy David Budd PhotographyWhat is a beer bike? It's a bicycle with a bar set up on it. The beer bike is suitable for 10 to 22 people, who power the bike while they are sitting at the bar. The beer bike is mainly used at festive events such as corporate excursions and bachelor parties, and is particularly popular with visitors from rural Holland and foreign tourists. Amsterdam City Centre allows beer bikes if they do not cause any inconvenience and if there is a qualified driver / bob on the beer bike.J. K. Starley's company became the Rover Cycle Company Ltd. in the late 1890s, and then simply the Rover Company when it started making cars. The Morris Motor Company (in Oxford) and Skoda also began in the bicycle business, as did the Wright brothers. [ 45 ] Alistair Craig, whose company eventually emerged to become the engine manufacturers Ailsa Craig, also started from manufacturing bicycles, in Glasgow in March 1885.Wired Gadget Lab, The Huffington Post, and Fast Company are just a few of the sites mentioning the Apple patent for a Уsmart bikeФ, which Patently Apple posted last week. I know a few people who already use an iphone, with various GPS mapping apps, for some of the functions listed in the patent. It is nice to have one device for that type of data, but durability and weather proofing are the key disadvantages now compared to bike specific products like the ones from Garmin. It is not clear whether Apple would address those types of hardware issues if something like this were to actually move forward, but I donТt think it is likely that they would. If Apple does decide to pursue this idea though, it will be interesting to see how they address the user interface design (an area where many of the cyclo-computer and power meter manufacturers are lacking).Hey I am from Poland, and I want to konow, how is attractive Poland to cyclist, especially Roztocze region? I have a questionnaire, about cycling in Roztocze, and it will be helpful to me, if You will fill it. The questionnaire is on my faccebook profile - I am Michal Szmiga, e-mail: michcios@o2.pl. I don't sign link here, becaouse I am new, wnd it will be not good looking! I hope You will help me- thanks:)Many cyclists carry tool kits. These may include a tire patch kit (which, in turn, may contain any combination of a hand pump or CO 2 Pump, tire levers, spare tubes, self-adhesive patches, or tube-patching material, an adhesive, a piece of sandpaper or a metal grater (for roughing the tube surface to be patched), [ 20 ] [ 21 ] and sometimes even a block of French chalk.), wrenches, hex keys, screwdrivers, and a chain tool. There are also cycling specific multi-tools that combine many of these implements into a single compact device. More specialized bicycle components may require more complex tools, including proprietary tools specific for a given manufacturer. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/mountainbike_challenge.html]Dahon folding bike[/url]. Top Road Bike Wheels Some of the top road bike wheels review. Zipp 303, and Lightweight in both versions, deep rim MOST and low rim MOST Lightwight wheels. If you have got a top bike frame like Pinarello Dogma, and want to know what to choose for, read on. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/gt_bicycles.html]Bmx bike[/url]. There seems to be a lot of bicycle themed jewelry on the market these days. Some of it is quite unimpressive (and a bit tacky), but the stainless steel Penny farthing and tandem earrings and pendants from Polli are nicely executed. Polli is an Australian uses recycled materials and has been certified as Low CO2 by the Carbon Reduction Institute.аThey have new bike themed designs coming out soon (including the earrings pictured here), so keep an eye on their website for those.The safety bicycle gave women unprecedented mobility, contributing to their emancipation in Western nations. As bicycles became safer and cheaper, more women had access to the personal freedom they embodied, and so the bicycle came to symbolize the New Woman of the late 19th century, especially in Britain and the United States. The bicycle was recognized by 19th-century feminists and suffragists as a "freedom machine" for women. American Susan B. Anthony said in a New York World interview on February 2, 1896: "Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance. I stand and rejoice every time I see a woman ride by on a wheel.the picture of free, untrammeled womanhood." In 1895 Frances Willard, the tightly laced president of the WomenТs Christian Temperance Union, wrote a book called How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle , in which she praised the bicycle she learned to ride late in life, and which she named "Gladys", for its "gladdening effect" on her health and political optimism. Willard used a cycling metaphor to urge other suffragists to action, proclaiming, "I would not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum."MotoCzysz, maker of electric racing motorcycles, made an international splash in early June, 2010 after winning a prestigious race for clean-emission vehicles on the Isle of Man: The TT Zero. Michael Czysz, the man behind the tiny Portland-based company, is being hailed by Wired magazine as a “moto-genius.”An extensive piece in Popular Science hails the MotoCzysz [.]PR — Interbike is partnering with Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) to provide new electric bicycle features at OutDoor Demo, September 20-21, 2010. The features include an eBike-only paved demo track and the Hill Climb Challenge, a spectator-friendly race that will compare the endurance of unassisted cyclists to the battery-operated power of the latest pedal-assist [.]Some components, which are often optional accessories on sports bicycles, are standard features on utility bicycles to enhance their usefulness and comfort. Mudguards, or fenders, protect the cyclist and moving parts from spray when riding through wet areas and chainguards protect clothes from oil on the chain while preventing clothing from being caught between the chain and crankset teeth. Kick stands keep a bicycle upright when parked, while a bike lock will help prevent it from being stolen. Front-mounted baskets for carrying goods are often used. Luggage carriers and panniers mounted above the rear tire can be used to carry equipment or cargo. Parents sometimes add rear-mounted child seats and/or an auxiliary saddle fitted to the crossbar to transport children.Recently, several European cities and Montreal have implemented successful schemes known as community bicycle programs or bike-sharing. These initiatives complement a city's public transport system and offer an alternative to motorized traffic to help reduce congestion and pollution. In Europe, especially in The Netherlands and parts of Germany and Denmark, commuting by bicycle is very common. In the Danish capital of Copenhagen, a cyclists' organization runs a Cycling Embassy , that promotes biking for commuting and sightseeing. In the UK there's a tax break scheme (IR 176) that allows employees to buy a new bicycle tax free to use for commuting. [ citation needed ]
Finally, I want to mention СBespoke: CreativeТ, a design event to be held in Brick Lane, London this October. The event is a collaboration between 2Xanadu (a creative media consultant), LUMA (a carbon bicycle manufacturer) and McFaul Studio (a London based Design Agency). The event will feature an exhibition for which they are inviting well known designers to design graphics for the frames of LUMAТs fixed gear bikes. There is also a competition where you can submit an entry following the same brief as the handpicked designers. The winning entries will be featured in the exhibition. In addition the best overall design entered wins the bike it is transferred onto. Find out more and enter the competition at the СBespoke: CreativeТ website. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/kids_bicycles.html]Peter bike[/url]. If you have checking out the tech sections of the various cycling sites lately, you have probably noticed the SRAM Red rear derailleurs with carbon fiber cages developed by Wolfgang Berner. Rafael Hoffleit, whose bikes I have mentioned on the blog a couple times before, points out that he is handcrafting the small carbon pieces for those rear derailleurs. He mentions that though it is a very small part, he is a bit proud: [url=http://bike-freak.tk/xc_bike.html]Foldable bike[/url]. Toe-clips and toestraps and clipless pedals help keep the foot locked in the proper position on the pedals, and enable the cyclist to pull as well as push the pedalsЧalthough not without their hazards, e.g. may lock foot in when needed to prevent a fall. Technical accessories include cyclocomputers for measuring speed, distance, heart rate, GPS data etc. Other accessories include lights, reflectors, security locks, mirror, water bottles and cages, and bell. [ 18 ]Folding bicycles are useful in these scenarios, as they are less cumbersome when carried aboard.Modern bicycle brakes may be: rim brakes , in which friction pads are compressed against the wheel rims; internal hub brakes , in which the friction pads are contained within the wheel hubs; or disc brakes , with a separate rotor for braking. Disc brakes are more common on off-road bicycles, tandems and recumbent bicycles than on road-specific bicycles.Top Road Bike Wheels Some of the top road bike wheels review. Zipp 303, and Lightweight in both versions, deep rim MOST and low rim MOST Lightwight wheels. If you have got a top bike frame like Pinarello Dogma, and want to know what to choose for, read on.Finally, I will mention this solar powered bike sharing system for Copenhagen. As bike sharing programs become more prevalent, I suspect that designers will increasingly view them as a unified system integrated into an overall transportation plan rather than an unrelated collection of partsЕ sort of like this, this, or this.Moreover, they helped create, or enhance, new kinds of businesses, such as bicycle messengers, [ 35 ] travelling seamstresses, [ 36 ] riding academies, [ 37 ] and racing rinks [ 38 ] (Their board tracks were later adapted to early motorcycle and automobile racing.) Also, there were a variety of new inventions, such as spoke tighteners, [ 39 ] and specialized lights, [ 40 ] socks and shoes, [ 41 ] and even cameras (such as the Eastman Company's Poco ). [ 42 ] Probably the best known and most widely used of these inventions, adopted well beyond cycling, is Charles Bennett's Bike Web, which came to be called the "jock strap". [ 43 ]


Finally, I want to mention СBespoke: CreativeТ, a design event to be held in Brick Lane, London this October. The event is a collaboration between 2Xanadu (a creative media consultant), LUMA (a carbon bicycle manufacturer) and McFaul Studio (a London based Design Agency). The event will feature an exhibition for which they are inviting well known designers to design graphics for the frames of LUMAТs fixed gear bikes. There is also a competition where you can submit an entry following the same brief as the handpicked designers. The winning entries will be featured in the exhibition. In addition the best overall design entered wins the bike it is transferred onto. Find out more and enter the competition at the СBespoke: CreativeТ website. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/racing_parts.html]Mountain bike action[/url]. I spent a little time checking out Cyclorama.net last night. The website is the latest project of Company of Cyclists, a UK based group that I mentioned in a past post. Though the site is new, they already have a lot of content that will interest any of you who like to see various types of bicycles, including some pretty unusual ones. The Уpapoose bikeФ and the Уhuman powered busФ pictured here are just two of the many unconventional designs that they feature in the УIngeniousФ category. I encourage you to click through all of the pedal powered machines on that pageЕdefinitely interesting stuff. Cyclorama also has a blog on the site, which I have already added to my feed reader to follow. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/folding_bicycle.html]Touring bike[/url]. This post would have been timelier last month during the Tour when Cadel Evans and George Hincapie were first riding the new BMC СimpecТ. I planned to post about it at the time, but as so often happens it sort of slipped through the cracks. Though it is not exactly a breaking story at this point, the new bike from BMC is still worth a mention on this blog for a couple of reasons. BMC touts the impec (short for impeccable bike) as the У first entirely machine manufactured carbon frame in the world.Ф Unlike conventional laminated carbon frames, which are laid-up and glued together by hand, the carbon tubing on the impec is woven by a patented robotic loom, which BMC specifically developed for frame construction to achieve precise load-bearing properties for each of the tubes. According to BMC, the robotic tube weaving У rules out human error and guarantees constant, millimetric precision.ФSaddles also vary with rider preference, from the cushioned ones favored by short-distance riders to narrower saddles which allow more room for leg swings. Comfort depends on riding position. With comfort bikes and hybrids, cyclists sit high over the seat, their weight directed down onto the saddle, such that a wider and more cushioned saddle is preferable. For racing bikes where the rider is bent over, weight is more evenly distributed between the handlebars and saddle, the hips are flexed, and a narrower and harder saddle is more efficient. Differing saddle designs exist for male and female cyclists, accommodating the genders' differing anatomies, although bikes typically are sold with saddles most appropriate for men.The bike is not available to the public yet, but it is a great example of an equipment sponsor really putting a new design through the paces during the three weeks of the Tour. That is something that I always like to see, and it really is what makes the Tour de France the race to watch for bike geeks.Paris-based JCDecaux and Madrid-based Cemusa, in addition to Clear Channel Outdoor, are among the worldТs leading street-furniture companies excelling in bike-share operations. All hope to bring their European experience to North America and are bidding on citiesТ street furniture plans, which increasingly include a bike-share component. Clear Channel triumphed in San Francisco, but other cities, many of them yet to seek proposals, remain open.To be honest, I havenТt really paid much attention to Kestrel since the brand was acquired by Advanced Sports (parent company of Fuji) in 2007, but they do seem to be coming out with some very nice looking bikes these days. Though it has been quite a while, I still have an affinity for the brand from my days as a bike mechanic in the late eighties and early nineties. The shop that I worked for back then was a Kestrel dealer, so those were the first molded composite frames that I had experience with. We also carried bikes with carbon main tubes that fit into aluminum lugs, like the old Trek 2500 and the Giant Cadex, but compared to the monocoque Kestrel designs, those framesets seemed old fashioned. In the late eighties, Kestrel was a pioneer in carbon composite frame and fork construction, so the bikes really were unlike anything else on the road. I never owned one, but I built up and serviced quite a few Kestrel 4000Тs for the local doctors and dentists who could afford them.With hand-operated brakes, force is applied to brake levers mounted on the handlebars and transmitted via Bowden cables or hydraulic lines to the friction pads. A rear hub brake may be either hand-operated or pedal-actuated, as in the back pedal coaster brakes which were popular in North America until the 1960s, and are common in children's bicycles.In addition to displaying the current rearview on the screen, the unit features accident detection and recording (a very useful feature that a few commenters suggested in response to the earlier posts). It will also offer ANT+ compatibility for heart rate and power-measuring systems, and a GPS antenna for a mapping software upgrade in 2012. As you can tell from my past posts, this is a product that I am pretty excited about. I canТt wait to try it out once it is available and I will share my impressions when I do. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/dahon_folding_bike.html]Big bike parts[/url]. But whaever tour you chose, by whatever mode, we promise, as always, an experience that is special, flexible and very personalized. You can be confident that in riding with locals (and not in a large group!) you will see the very best of Tuscany and all it has to offer -- at a pace of YOUR choosing. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/tramp_bike.html]Mtb bike[/url]. I first mentioned Evan SolidaТs Cerevellum concept at the end of 2007 and I had a chance to ride with a rough prototype a few months later. At that time, EvanТs cylco-computer with an integrated digital rearview camera was just a concept design, but now the product is starting production and is available for pre-order on the Cerevellum website. The Cerevellum will be manufactured in North America and ready to ship in Spring 2011. The cost is $499 ($549 with heart-rate strap) and pre-orders are refundable.The УworldТs fastest electric bikeФ has been hitting the design blogs lately. The carbon fiber frame PG-Bikes Blacktrail, which looks a lot like an old cafe racer, has a claimed top speed of over 60 mph. All that speed doesnТt come cheap though. The limited edition e-bike will set you back 59,500 Иа (close to $77,000).Toe-clips and toestraps and clipless pedals help keep the foot locked in the proper position on the pedals, and enable the cyclist to pull as well as push the pedalsЧalthough not without their hazards, e.g. may lock foot in when needed to prevent a fall. Technical accessories include cyclocomputers for measuring speed, distance, heart rate, GPS data etc. Other accessories include lights, reflectors, security locks, mirror, water bottles and cages, and bell. [ 18 ]The Brooklyn bridge is an amazing site on its own, regardless of its bike/ped path, but the separation from cars and the ability to stop and look out over the water comfortably, made a world of difference in comparison to crossing bridges into Dallas. It really highlighted for me the lack of foresight in having our newest Caltrava bridge built without any bike/ped amenities. аSadly, that was a lost opportunity for generations.A human traveling on a bicycle at low to medium speeds of around 10Ц15 mph (15Ц25 km/h) uses only the energy required to walk. Air drag, which is proportional to the square of speed, requires dramatically higher power outputs as speeds increase. If the rider is sitting upright, the rider's body creates about 75% of the total drag of the bicycle/rider combination. Drag can be reduced by seating the rider in a supine position or a prone position, thus creating a recumbent bicycle or human powered vehicle. Drag can also be reduced by covering the bicycle with an aerodynamic fairing.If you must drive because your commute covers a long distance, you can still rely on bicycling to avoid traffic jams near to your destination. Just bring a bike with the car, and pull off your route when you reach the very slow traffic. After you park the car, finish the commute with your bicycle.
Bicycles can be categorized in different ways: e.g. by function, by number of riders, by general construction, by gearing or by means of propulsion. The more common types include utility bicycles, mountain bicycles, racing bicycles, touring bicycles, hybrid bicycles, cruiser bicycles, and BMX Bikes. Less common are tandems, lowriders, tall bikes, fixed gear, folding models, amphibious bicycles and recumbents (one of which was used to set the IHPVA Hour record). [url=http://bike-freak.tk/xc_bike.html]Bicycle repair[/url]. For starters, we headed over to the Madison Square park area to check out the new pavement to plaza and bicycle lanes. Immediately as we turned the corner and saw the pedestrian space carved out into a space that used to belong to cars, the feel and look of the area changed to a very casual and friendly environment. It was 9AM on a Monday, but people were out relaxing with coffee and reading newspapers. The bike lanes are fairly new and did an amazing job of thinning the streets, making it much safer to cross as a pedestrian, and had the double effect of slowing vehicles that used to take precedence here. It was a night and day difference from our last visit almost a year to the date prior. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/]Touring bike[/url]. Training Plans And Programs Bike training used to be a case of miles and more miles. Now, with the use of heart rate monitors and power cranks, it all has changed. Being a bit more scientific as well as fun. If you are unsure of the basics, basically you don't know where to start, this is your bike training guide.After a disappointing Tour start this year, Mark Cavendish seems to be back on track with his second stage win in two days. The attention is back on Cav, but the bike that he is riding, the recently unveiled SCOTT F01, deserves a lot of attention as well. The new aerodynamic road racing bike, which SCOTT developed in close partnership with Team HTC-Columbia and Drag2Zero services, was presented at a press conference in Rotterdam right before the Prologue.The Brooklyn bridge is an amazing site on its own, regardless of its bike/ped path, but the separation from cars and the ability to stop and look out over the water comfortably, made a world of difference in comparison to crossing bridges into Dallas. It really highlighted for me the lack of foresight in having our newest Caltrava bridge built without any bike/ped amenities. аSadly, that was a lost opportunity for generations.Different gears and ranges of gears are appropriate for different people and styles of cycling. Multi-speed bicycles allow gear selection to suit the circumstances: a cyclist could use a high gear when cycling downhill, a medium gear when cycling on a flat road, and a low gear when cycling uphill. In a lower gear every turn of the pedals leads to fewer rotations of the rear wheel. This allows the energy required to move the same distance to be distributed over more pedal turns, reducing fatigue when riding uphill, with a heavy load, or against strong winds. A higher gear allows a cyclist to make fewer pedal turns to maintain a given speed, but with more effort per turn of the pedals.With a shaft drive transmission, a gear set at the bottom bracket turns the shaft, which then turns the rear wheel via a gear set connected to the wheel's hub. There is some small loss of efficiency due to the two gear sets needed. The only gearing option with a shaft drive is to use a hub gear.I spent a little time checking out Cyclorama.net last night. The website is the latest project of Company of Cyclists, a UK based group that I mentioned in a past post. Though the site is new, they already have a lot of content that will interest any of you who like to see various types of bicycles, including some pretty unusual ones. The Уpapoose bikeФ and the Уhuman powered busФ pictured here are just two of the many unconventional designs that they feature in the УIngeniousФ category. I encourage you to click through all of the pedal powered machines on that pageЕdefinitely interesting stuff. Cyclorama also has a blog on the site, which I have already added to my feed reader to follow.


The design was developed and tested in the Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Wind Tunnel. As you can see in the slide image from SCOTTТs presentation, it uses a 3:2 ratio tube profile that looks like an airfoil shape with the tail removed (like a very short Kamm tail profile). If you look at the picture above, the red colored sections on the backs of certain tubes indicate where the trailing airfoil edges have been removed. According to the company, the result of this project is a frame that is stiff and 20% lighter than most of the other aero frames on the market. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/bicycle_repair.html]Dahon bike[/url]. MotoCzysz, maker of electric racing motorcycles, made an international splash in early June, 2010 after winning a prestigious race for clean-emission vehicles on the Isle of Man: The TT Zero. Michael Czysz, the man behind the tiny Portland-based company, is being hailed by Wired magazine as a “moto-genius.”An extensive piece in Popular Science hails the MotoCzysz [.] [url=http://bike-freak.tk/only_bike.html]Performance bike[/url]. J. K. Starley's company became the Rover Cycle Company Ltd. in the late 1890s, and then simply the Rover Company when it started making cars. The Morris Motor Company (in Oxford) and Skoda also began in the bicycle business, as did the Wright brothers. [ 45 ] Alistair Craig, whose company eventually emerged to become the engine manufacturers Ailsa Craig, also started from manufacturing bicycles, in Glasgow in March 1885.Back to Cavendish thoughЕit is no surprise that he wanted flashy custom graphics on his Project F01 bike. Check out this Bike Radar profile of his bike to see how the graphic designers at SCOTT interpreted his request for a Уninja theme. Creating a tasteful design with splattered blood as a primary element is no easy task, but I think they did a pretty nice job with it.Our I Bike Tuscany tour was the highlight of our trip to Italy! We enjoyed the challenging ride through the beautiful Tuscan region as well as the two delightful wineries we toured. Now that we're home, we're enjoying the wine and olive oil we purchased that day. Marco, you were a lot of fun and we appreciated your great sense of humor! If we are fortunate enough to visit Italy again, we would love to take another, longer tour with you. Bravo I Bike Tuscany!Has anyone ridden on buses and trains in Africa and carrying a bike as luggage? I was wondering if this can be done. This is a very broad questions because there are many countries in Africa and I am sure each country is different in how they handle bicyle luggage. I will be traveling to the following countries. Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. BarginhorseFinally, a long rambling post like this one wouldnТt be complete without a Tour de France mention. Murray alerted me to this great collection of photos at the Boston Globe, which I think really captures the excitement of this yearТs race. TodayТs stage was another one that kept that excitement going. The change in the GC made me think thoughЕ maybe Third Eye should step in as Saxo Bank sponsor for next year. Seriously though, I do run a chain watcher on my road bike, and they are not uncommon in the pro peloton either. Hindsight is 20/20, but that ounce of prevention would have really paid off for Schleck today.Two Questions-- I had planned on visiting New Delhi on the first two weeks of October, but find that the Commonwealth Games are scheduled there for 3-14 October! Any ideas if the city will be too crowded or expensive during that time? I'll be flying to New Delhi or Mumbai from Bangkok with my bicycle. Of the cheaper airlines (Air India, Kingfisher, Jet), is one better than the others for carrying a bicycle? --Bill www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/AsianJourneyIf you are not a windsurfer, you may have never heard of Hong Kong based company NeilPryde. I was certainly not familiar with the brand when I received an email from their Marketing Manager last month letting me know that they would be soon be announcing a Уrange of high performance road bikes sold direct to consumers via the InternetФ. IТll admitЕI was a bit skeptical about the idea of high-end road bikes from a company that makes windsurfers. I expected to see Уoff the shelfФ sourced carbon frames with custom graphics and decals. That is definitely not the case though with their two new framesets, the Diablo and the Alize. Both bikes were designed in collaboration with BMW DesignworksUSA, and both look pretty nice to me. The new NeilPryde bikes website features a design page, where you can find out more about the development of the new frames. Be sure to watch the 10-minute video to find out more about the design process and about NeilPrydeТs motivation for entering the bicycle market. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/folding_bikes.html]Bicycle repair[/url]. Mike points out that Уthis is not a bike Trek will ever produce – it is an outlet for innovation and creativity. It is through executions like this the design team continually dreams up new directions to keep up the excitement and enthusiasm for bicycles.Ф Pretty cool stuff! It looks like a fun project and I am sure it will be a hit at the show. I canТt wait to see more from Trek World 2011 soon. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/titanium_bike.html]Mountain bike[/url]. Jos Sluijsmans runs the Dutch website Fietsdiensten.nl and is one of the organizers of the African Bicycle Design Contest, which I mentioned in a past post. He recently created a YouTube video titled СCreatief fietsparkerenТ, which features some great examples of creative bicycle racks and parking designs from the Netherlands and around the world.Shimano has introduced a new component set designed to integrate with an existing bike to convert it into a full-on e-bike, but still let it work as a regular bicycle. The system is called STEPS — Shimano Total Electric Power System. In the full set youТll get a 250-watt front hub motor (geared), a torque-sensing bottom-bracket, [.]Saul Maret is a French designer living in Boston. He sent a few images of УLe PliableФ, his folding bike concept based on central headset position. One of the things that is interesting about this design, as Saul points out, is that it can be folded into multiple configurations- Уyou can fold the entire bike (frame, saddle, pedals, swingarm, handlebar) or one of these depending on were you leave it.Ф When folded completely, the wheels still move, so you can Уpush it around like a golf caddyФ (similar to a folded Strida).Hello we are two women looking to cycle through Iran to Pakistan (visa's etc dependant) in the next couple of weeks- we are not religious about cycling every bit if there are significant security issues in particular areas etc. We are in Baku at the mo. waiting. If there are any other cyclists (women pref) who are interested in joining us it would be good to bulk up numbers :0) taRafael also recently received recognition for the Heidelberg singlespeed, which was selected as a BrandNewAward finalist. That bike, along with others from Rafael, will be on display at the Bike Expo in Munich from July 22 nd to 25 th. In addition to the urban oriented singlespeed Heildelberg, Rafael also has a new track bike based on his r-011 time trial bike. The “Spyder” (pictured here) looks very nice. As with his time trial bikes, I like the integration of a fairly standard stem into the frame. Nice details all around.In The Netherlands, all train stations are equipped with provisions for bicycle parking for a small fee and the larger ones also with bicycle repair shops, and cycling is so popular that the parking capacity is sometimes exceeded.
The drivetrain begins with pedals which rotate the cranks, which are held in axis by the bottom bracket. Most bicycles use a chain to transmit power to the rear wheel. A relatively small number of bicycles use a shaft drive to transmit power. A very small number of bicycles (mainly single-speed bicycles intended for short-distance commuting) use a belt drive as an oil-free way of transmitting power. [url=http://bike-freak.tk/balance_bike.html]Forward bike[/url]. London, England (CNN) — Six thousand matching black, silver and blue bicycles hit the streets of London on Friday, August 5, 2010 as the city launched an ambitious public bike sharing scheme. The initiative will allow commuters and tourists to take bikes from 400 docking stations, spaced at 300 yard intervals, for short journeys around central [.] [url=http://bike-freak.tk/finger_bike.html]Mountain bike[/url]. I really admired the professionalism of Slim Moon and his label Kill Rock Stars, and also the simplicity and ethics of Plan-It-X records and Discord. For both of us it was a big priority to have close working relationships with our artists and to capture the regional sound where we lived.The other new bike from Biomega, the NYC, was designed by KiBiSi, a design firm co-founded by Biomega founder, Jens Martin Skibsted. The bike is similar in styling to their CPH model, but it features a carbon belt drive and an integrated front mudguard in the shape of the aluminum downtube.Barcelona is to introduce electric motorcycle charging stations in September, 2010. The first eight will be installed in the district of 22 @ and will recharge up to 25 vehicles simultaneously. Two companies, Mobec Point and Schneider Electric, have submitted a tender to place re-charging stations in the Montmelo racetrack, and to install electric motorbike [.]Amongst the best bike games, the one which I love the most is the Motocross FMX, you can play it here at our website for free. It is one of my favorite games for the simple fact that it's easy to learn and extremely fun and addicting. There are nine levels in this game and the it gets slightly tougher at you advance. The animation and graphics are pretty cool and they look very real. You will need to perform the tricks in the midair to get extra points with this bike game. Just make sure that you do not get too greedy and try too many stunts in one jump or else you will land on your face and lose score.Some bicycle parts, particularly hub-based gearing systems, are complex, and many cyclists prefer to leave maintenance and repairs to professional bicycle mechanics.Furthermore, early bicycles were an example of conspicuous consumption, being adopted by the fashionable elites. [ 33 ] In addition, by serving as a platform for accessories, which could ultimately cost more than the bicycle itself, it paved the way for the likes of the Barbie doll. [ 34 ]


Помимо опыта хороший частный репетитор должен не просто идеально знать свой предмет, но и уметь хорошо его преподавать. Каким бы знатоком своего предмета ни был учитель, без умения преподнести материал, результат будет далеким от ожидания. Стоит учитывать и возрастную группу, с которой привык работать репетитор. Не каждый преподаватель из ВУЗа сможет на доступном языке объяснить материал третьекласснику. Решающим при выборе остается комфорт при работе с репетитором и, конечно же, достижение поставленного с учеником результата.[url=http://studyingabroadall.ru/rabota_operatorom_grafik_1/3.html]Вакансии начальник отдела пятигорск[/url]Наш мир изменчив, и меняется очень быстро благодаря новым открытиям и внедрению новых технологий. Наличие общего языка позволяет миру взаимодействовать и сообща добиваться новых высот промышленности, науке, торговле, информационной области и культуре. Поэтому хорошее знание английского языка сегодня важнее, чем когда либо ранее!Школы Великобритании предлагают различные типы курсов бизнес-английского : executive, homestay (студент проживает в семье преподавателя, где проходят занятия) и one-to-one с преподавателем (индивидуальные занятия от 4 до 8 часов в день). Возможны комбинации курсов, например  General English + Business English.Мы предлагаем своим ученикам курсы английского и других иностранных языков, которые ведут как носители языка, так и русскоязычные преподаватели. Мы предлагаем групповое, индивидуальное и корпоративное обучение как для начинающих, так и для тех, кто уже хорошо знает язык.Таким образом, курсы английского языка в москве не теряют своей актуальности. Несмотря на это, многие люди, которые ищут курсы английского, сталкиваются с одними и теми же проблемами. Нередко вам приходится ждать, когда сформируется группа по изучению языка вашего уровня. Когда же вы все-таки попадаете на курсы английского языка, выясняется, что группа переполнена и необходимый эффект не будет достигнут. Особенно это касается столицы. На курсы английского в москве приходят люди, которым необходимо, помимо малочисленности группы, иметь гибкий график занятий в силу их занятости и проблем транспортной доступности в городе.университеты и колледжи Канады средние школы в Канаде КУРСЫ АНГЛИЙСКОГО АНКЕТА студента студенческая виза в Канаду каталог сайтов типичные вопросы наши вакансии Доп инфоЕсли Вы хотите сделать мощный ПРОРЫВ в английском за короткое время, то летний интенсивный курс английского - это то, что Вам нужно! Летний интенсив - это - большой объём знаний за короткое время (один уровень длится один месяц!) - много разговорной практики, - всё внимание на английском, - отличные результаты! Особенно летний интенсив подходит тем, у кого уже есть базовые знания в английском и кто хочет поднять свой уровень и "разговориться"! Два уровня Intermediate в июле и августе позволят сильно увеличить словарный запас, обогатив Вашу речь как деловой, так и разговорной лексикой. Вы сможете повторить всю простую грамматику и добиться беглости в её использовании, а также освоите сложные построения, которые сделают Вашу речь более английской, Вы начнёте "думать" на английском! После этих уровней все носители языка дадут высокую оценку Вашей речи!По отзывам на сайте и подсчетам истории просмотров выясняется, что клипы с субтитрами довольно популярны у посетителей сайта, поэтому на этот раз специально была подобрана песня, для которой есть как обычный клип, так и клип в стиле караоке. Причем фоновые картинки на втором клипе в какой-то степени передают содержание текста песни, являясь своего рода подсказкой для тех, кому подобные подсказки могут быть полезны.В моей практике было более 300 случаев успешного поступления в российские ВУЗы, кроме того я помогаю подготовиться к сдаче ЕГЭ и международных экзаменов IELTS. Поскольку мои результаты теста TOEFL IBT — 110 (PBT 590), многие студенты обращаются именно ко мне, готовясь к поступлению в американские ВУЗы и колледжи. Скажу не хвастаясь, что мои ученики овладевают разговорной и письменной речью хорошо и быстро, становясь репетиторами и преподавателями английского языка впоследствии.
Детские лагеря от «Интер-Лэнг» - это всегда море положительных впечатлений! Летний лагерь, как один из наиболее популярных видов детского отдыха, - самый востребованный детский лагерь! Мы проводим летние лагеря в Демино, организуем детский отдых в Сосновом бору, где дети могут не только с пользой провести время, но и принять участие в интересных викторинах, настоящих турпоходах, увлекательных спортивных мероприятиях!. Ну, что рассказывать – у каждого остается масса исключительно положительных эмоций от нашего летнего лагеря![url=http://studyingabroadall.ru/rabota_operatorom_grafik_1/45mapboord_0_1/45mapboord_103_1/mapboord.htm]Ищю работа на выходные м алтуфьево[/url]Зачем нужен репетитор Как родитель, возможно, Вы хотели бы найти репетитора для индивидуальных занятий со своим ребенком для того, чтобы помочь ему подтянуться по школьной программе или идти впереди своих одноклассников, изучать предметы, которые не включены в школьную программу или удовлетворить другие потребности ребенка, связанные с тягой познать больше. Репетитор - это как раз то, что Вам нужно. Частное репетиторство поможет Вашему ребенку повысить уровень успеваемости по школьной программе, развить личностные способности к обучению, придаст ребенку больше уверенности в себе, а также поможет действительно полюбить изучаемый предмет.3. Перед вторичным прочтением текста, используя дополнительную литературу (учебники, словари, справочники, энцеклопедию) выясните смысл незнакомых терминов и выражений, при этом полезно строить схемы, чертежи, графики, иллюстрирующие те или иные положения.И еще, на мой взгляд, очень важно, чтобы общение с преподавателем просто по-человечески нравилось, было приятным. Я сознательно руководствуюсь этим принципом при выборе любых поставщиков услуг для себя от автослесаря до риэлтора, и он (этот принцип) меня еще ни разу не подводил. Вот вам сейчас приятно и интересно читать этот материал? Вот и ученикам также комфортно и интересно на моих уроках.Total English Advanced - шестая из шести ступеней одного из лучших курсов английского языка для взрослых. Современная и действительно полезная лексика, увлекательная тематика, интересная подборка текстов, красочные рисунки, динамичные игровые материалы – все это и много другого делают общение с учебником легким и непринужденным.  С помощью видео роликов на DVD оживает на уроке английский в Кожухово, у Вас есть замечательная возможность ощутить ритм языка в различных ситуациях, что очень стимулирует учебный процесс. Если Вы пропустили занятие, или желаете еще раз отработать материал урока, Вы сможете сделать это самостоятельно, используя catch-up CD - это мультимедийное приложение к рабочей тетради, которое своим содержанием повторяет структуру курса и содержит интерактивные упражнения по грамматике и лексике.Этот курс является продолжением и представляет собой более углубленное изучение иностранного языка и совершенствование ранее полученных знаний. Курс Total English Advanced необходим?для того, чтобы "оттачивать свое мастерство". Ни одного слова по-русски, выполнение сложных переводов, общение в сложных аутентичных ситуациях, владение большим запасом?лексики по всем сферам?деятельности.Обучение на курсах английского языка проводят квалифицированные преподаватели с огромным опытом работы. Есть возможность изучать английский язык с носителем, так как у нас есть преподаватели из Канады.5. Репетитор – носитель языка 6. Репетитор немецкого языка 7. Репетитор итальянского языка 8. Репетитор испанского языка 9. Репетитор русского языка 10. Репетитор русский как иностранный 11. Репетитор португальского языка 12. Репетитор арабского языка 13. Репетитор польского языка 14. Репетитор финского языка 15. Репетитор норвежского языка 16. Репетитор греческого языка 17. Репетитор французского языка 18. Репетиор китайского языка 19 Репетитор японского языка 20. Репетиторы по школьным предметамПесня Woman in Love ("Влюбленная женщина") из альбома Guilty , написанного для Барбары Стрейзанд в 1980 году участниками группы The Bee Gees , стала одной из самых успешных в карьере этой американской певицы.Групповые занятия позволят вам проходить обучение с людьми, имеющими схожий уровень языковых знаний. Мы всегда формируем небольшие группы, чтобы каждый студент мог получить максимум внимания. При этом вы оттачиваете коммуникативные навыки, общаясь с другими участниками группы. Этот вид занятий также имеет такое преимущество, как цена.
Все интенсивные курсы английского языка рассчитаны на определенный период занятий (1 или 2 месяца). По прохождении курсов мы рекомендуем продолжить обучение в рамках стандартных курсов английского языка.[url=http://studyingabroadall.ru/diplomnaya_rabota_podgotovitelnie_vidi_rabot_pri_okrashivanii_volos.html]Работа галереи вакансии[/url]Гибкая система скидок: семьям (от четырёх человек), друзьям (от четырёх человек), постоянным клиентам. Если Вы собрали группу из 5 человек, т.е. Вы пятый ученик в группе, то занятия для Вас бесплатно. Если Вы собрали группу из 4 человек, то мы предложим Вам хорошую скидку.Проработав английский текст описанным образом, вновь прослушайте и произнесите его фраза за фразой, стараясь осознать смысл, не подглядывая ни в перевод, ни в текст оригинала.Компания ВСЕВЕД ТРЕВЕЛ поможет Вам в решении всех этих вопросов. Сотрудники компании проведут квалифицированный подбор программы обучения английскому языку и школы индивидуально для каждого слушателя и будут в дальнейшем на связи с Вами 24 часа в сутки с тем, чтобы обеспечить качественные услуги по обучению на языковых курсах в Англии и проживанию в этой стране.Метод И.Ю.Шехтера, на котором строится обучение в «Окне в Европу», основан на воздействии на память и сознание человека через эмоции. Именно такой подход признан психологами наиболее действенным для обучения, в данном конкретном случае изучения иностранного языка.Выбирая курсы английского языка у нас, будь это курсы английского языка для взрослых, интенсивные курсы английского языка, курсы разговорного английского, курсы английского для начинающих, курсы подготовки к TOEFL или курсы делового английского, Вы можете быть уверены, что наш преподаватель использует самые современные методы для максимально эффективного обучение английскому языку.Компания «АнглоМир» предлагает возможность изучать английский язык непосредственно в Великобритании – также знакомиться с традициями Англии, её историей и жителями.Опытные репетиторы по математике, физике, русскому языку, информатике, химии, биологии, истории, обществознанию. Курсы математики. Подбор репетитора согласно поставленным задачам. Количество часов определяется после пробного урока, на котором выясняются пробелы в знаниях и конечная цель занятий. Расписание занятий составляется с учетом возможностей слушателя.Перед началом занятий проводится бесплатное тестирование. Индивидуальные или групповые занятия корпоративным английским могут проходить на территории вашего офиса или в учебных центрах Language Link - в настоящее время в России успешно работает сеть учебных центров компании в Москве и Московской области, Санкт-Петербурге и Ленинградской области, Волгограде, Екатеринбурге, Костроме, Красноярске, Самаре, Ростове-на-Дону, Обнинске, Перми, Твери и Уфе. Какой бы вариант корпоративного обучения английскому языку обучения вы ни выбрали, Language Link, как единый языковой провайдер, обеспечит вашей компании минимальный документооборот.


For its 2010 collection of induction hobs, Fagor features this 90cm induction model, iF-900S 90CM with stylish bevelled edge and five cooking zones that feature a range of zone sizes with upgraded serigraphy. It also features a 28cm dual zone on the right hand side of the hob which will accommodate larger pans, yet will only use the optimum energy whatever the size of pan. Each independently controlled zone has 12 precise power levels including a boost control, and all benefit from a useful 99-minute timer.[url=http://boschbuiltin.tk/dental_office_design.html]Best buy televisions[/url]. Our Joy of Cooking is dog-eared, flour dusted, chocolate smudged, oil spattered, and easily the most used cookbook on the shelf. The staggering amount of information in the book taught us the basics when we were in our teens and has informed our cooking for the decades since. We wish we had written it! Johanne Killeen and George Germon, authors of On Top of Spaghetti [url=http://boschbuiltin.tk/home_office_layout.html]Commercial kitchen appliances[/url]. Cooking is one of my specialties. While in the U.S. Army Reserve I learned cooking. Indoor, outdoor and campfire cooking was fun and easy with cookware cast iron. I remember the open air and the smell of campfire cooking, accompanied by the chorus of the squirrels, crickets and birds, in camps. The most common form of outdoor cooking is the kitchen stove. For families is extremely accurate, is an activity that presents an opportunity for pleasant evenings and outings. It has its own taste and fancy. Skill and knowledge is necessary, but both are readily available. Campfire cooking is a tradition in itself and some cooks have years of experience both on safaris and at home. For more information www. Cooking-groundbeef. com. It is one of my favorite things in life. Its big, however, campfire cooking is done in most camps. Credit to improvements in camping cooking equipment and a host of easy to prepare and store ingredients, need not be limited to burgers, dogs and smoke. Another unique way of campfire cooking is to cook some food inside other food. Another unusual campfire cooking method is cooking in paper. An unfussy and simple way of campfire cooking is to establish a large coffee can on the coals. The days of the utilitarian campfire cooking of yesteryear are gone. Try some odd techniques the next time youre out camping. For tools and tips on your favorite search engines: campfire cooking grill, campfire ring, propane fire in the ground with a cast iron pot, campfire grill, campfire tripod, campfire in a can , California campfire fireplace, fire red, cooking steamer, induction cooking, cooking tripod, cooking strainer, cooking smoker, cooking station, kitchen table, cooking pot, cooking twine, cooking thermometer, cooking rings, bistro cooking, kitchen tables. Search for a dream kitchen, on the web or books on tips and tricks for cooking Dutch oven campfire. Buy books that are written specifically for the camper who wants to build a fire for cooking easier, safer, revealing how to make campfire cooking grilling and RVing easy and fun at the campsite. I learned years ago from a relative that most pots for cooking and campfire. If you have never done any campfire cooking or camp cooking before, one of the things to keep in mind is that you will have to closely monitor the food from beginning to end, as it can burn quickly. Placing a marshmallow or hotdog on the end of a good stick and holding food at the correct distance from the heat. For more information www. cat-head biscuit. com. One of the disadvantages to campfire cooking is that cookware is far dirtier than it does when you cook with a stove. So fire for cooking is likely to require more cleaning. Although cooking fire may take a little longer than simply turning on the stove, it is more rewarding. If on the contrary in the mood to take your time and enjoy the experience, campfire cooking can be relaxing in a way that the stove can not begin to match. Here are some of the elements that have to be prepared for campfire cooking: Camping Cookbook contains all recipes for unique and fun camping for a nice campfire cooking. A large barbecue grill or rack lets you enjoy all the flavor and aroma of the kitchen stove, using wood or charcoal briquettes. In a fire a simple and easy campfire cooking is to establish a large coffee can on the coals. Campfire cooking is the most common form of outdoor cooking. Theres definitely more to campfire cooking marshmallows and hot only to smoking. Have an outdoor party. Results or viewers become participants soon as the host or hosts divide your guests into teams and turn them loose for an afternoon of supervised campfire cooking Spurred in part because they are hungry. Campfire cooking is gaining in popularity and / or bring friends and family together at the same time. Attend a campfire cooking class. Guided tours nationally campfire cooking clinics held every year at different campgrounds throughout the country. While some view campfire cooking as a survival skill, most people do it for other reasons. Campfire cooking is a way of forming groups. It is a method to lure children away from their video games or as a way for divorced dads to entertain kids on weekends, the kitchen stove is an ideal way for families to reconnect. Everything tastes better roasted over an open fire maybe thats why kids campfire cooking is so popular. When finished cooking with camp fire his son, make sure the fire is completely out. How about Breakfast Muffins, fried or poached eggs, chopped ham, grated cheese, diced potatoes, for example. Try cooking in a black skillet or even a 12-hole muffin pan. Salt and pepper, place muffin tin average 6 eggs in 6 holes with 6 muffin muffin mix in the remaining 6 holes. Campfire popcorn can explode on paper: the popcorn and oil or butter with salt to taste. Boot 18-inch square of tinfoil. The first lesson to be learned about campfire cooking is to not cook over an open fire. Try to have all the best and campfire cooking utensils in hand. Purchase only cast iron products. Examine the products of campfire cooking gear to find products that work best for you. Campfire Dutch oven cooking is almost an ancient form of making food and very common today. Select the relaxed comfort of your living room fireplace, staring into the fire hall as your kitchen, or see the flickering flames dance and play while giving your dessert of choice, campfire cooking is a great way to build memories with your family. Whether camping with the family, hunting with friends or simply achieving that wood flavor to the grill at home, campfire cooking is delicious and easier than you might think. Dutch oven campfire cooking is one of the best ways to make meals on camping trips. The secret of a fire for cooking is constantly trying to keep the embers glowing, but once the fire in this state, you can measure its approximate temperature by using your hand. The only essential piece of gear for campfire cooking is the cast iron skillet. Cooking Campfire cooking is something of a science, like cooking on the stove at home. 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Ingredients: 2 lbs. cubed stewing beef (trimmed)1 jar of your favorite salsa (approx. 16 oz)1 28oz can of tomato nerve2 cans of black beans, drained (approx. 16 oz)3 cloves of garlic, mincedSea salt Garlic powderCilantro 1 or 2 limes cut into wedgesBrown rice Directions: In somnolent cooker place salsa, tomato sauce, beans and garlicIn a saute pan cook all meat until well browned and ready, while cooking, with salt and garlic powder as needed. When meat has cooked, drain and then add to slow cooker.Cook in lazy cooker for 8 - 10 hours. Prior to serving cook brown rice (we prefer Uncle Ben's) and follow directions per box. When the rice is cooked I add a troublemaker of chopped fresh cilantro for a little extra flavoring. Serve the beef and rice with a wedge of lime. Serves 4 - 5 with leftovers. [url=http://boschbuiltin.tk/global_warming_2009.html]Kitchen designs layouts[/url]. 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The company was hoping for an altogether different type of publicity in France this weekend when it created a special lipstick for the Paris wedding of Desperate Housewives' star Eva Longoria to the French basketball player Tony Parker.[url=http://discountsfromavon.info/chelseas_cafe_baton_rouge_la.html]Happy pencilcom[/url].I have been using Preference for about 20 years now and have never had a problem. I have thick, dark brown hair that is now about 50% gray. I've gone lighter and darker with no problems. I would never use anything else as of now and never did use anything else. Fair price also, doesn't break the bank and I never have to wait a few more days or weeks til I can afford to color.[url=http://discountsfromavon.info/barthod_bourgogne_rouge.html]Rouge guide[/url].Welcome to my blog and Day 8 of the Simply Wicked: 13 Days of Halloween Event, brought to you by the always fabulous JoLynne Valerie and Amy Williamson. If you've been following along, yesterday you visited my very dear friend and sister in the Craft, Psyche Soul Goddess, and the lovely Lily Oak. Some of you may already know me as author of historical romance (sometimes erotic, sometimes not - sometimes paranormal, sometimes not). Those of you who know me well, are quite aware of my fascination with the occult, the paranormal, all things macabre my obsession with horror movies, and my lifelong study of the Pagan faiths and Witchcraft. Is it any surprise that this is my favorite time of year? We are now deep into Autumn, the Season of the Witch, just a few short days from the celebration of Samhain - or Halloween - the Wiccan New Year. Today, Samhain is many things a time to honor our ancestors, a celebration to mark the end of the "light days" and a transition into the "dark" days of winter, the Feast of the Dead, celebration of the reign of the Queen of the Underworld, the dark Goddess. Mythologically (it's a word - now), this is the time when the God returns to the Underworld to await his rebirth and ascent back to the throne. (Note: Samhain is NOT a celebration of the Celtic God of Death there is no such thing. The misconception was first stated in the 18th century and persists today) Perhaps most important for the modern child, Halloween is a time to dress up, party with friends, and eat ridiculous amounts of sugar. But how was Halloween - or the paranormal in general, for that matter - treated in bygone eras, such as the ones that form the backdrop for my books? The Victorians are most frequently credited with the invention of the modern paranormal, thanks to their rabid fascination with all things occult and the literary genius of one Charles Dickens. You don't hear much mention of the paranormal in the Regency era (and admittedly, they were far more skeptical) but it was around. The first known English astrologer was Mrs. Williams in the 1780s, with Uranus being officially discovered in 1781. Mrs. Williams advertised her services throughout Britain. Vox Stellarum , Moore's astrological almanac, printed nearly 400,000 copies in 1803 and twice that amount ten years later. There were a number of astrological authors, including John Worsdale and Ebenezer Sibley. The artist John Varley was a devout astrologist. Alfred Thomas Story, in his book James Holmes and John Varley , relates a story about Varley, who each morning would meticulously draft his own daily horoscope. One day Varley told his son that he was quite certain something "menacing" was going to happen to him around 12 noon, but he couldn't tell what, or from where. "As the hour of twelve approached he became greatly agitated and walked up and down his studio unable to settle to anything.Just then there was a cry of fire outside He ran out to see what was the matter and found that it was his own house that was in flames. He was so delighted said his son Albert describing the occurrence he was so delighted at having discovered what the astrological effect of Uranus was that he sat down while his house was burning, knowing though he did that he was not insured for a penny, to write an account of his discovery. He had timed the catastrophe to within a few minutes." That's seeing the glass half-full if ever anyone did! Farmers in the Regency era followed astrological rules related to planting, when planning out their crops for the year. Doctors were trained in the 1700s to use "decumbiture charts," which used astrology to predict the course of a disease. Let's not forget that Mary Shelley penned Frankenstein in 1816 and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow gave life to the Headless Horseman in 1820. Gothic novels such as The Mysteries of Udolpho popped up in 1797. Jane Austen, our quintessential Regency go-to-girl, most certainly knew a ghost story or two. She even pokes a bit of fun at them in Northanger Abbey. And now on to what you all really want to know: be there a give-away here? Oh, yes! I have a veritable treasure trove, but here's the thing: the prize depends upon the winner. That's right, you will get a custom prize package tailored to your interests (subject to the limitations of what I have in my arsenal). The possibilities include: *Autographed copies of Reckless Liaisons , Leading Her to Heaven , and Svetkavista , all by yours truly, along with a copy of Love's Immortal Pantheon Vol. One , an anthology containing my short story, "The Spoils of War." *A copy of The Witch in Every Woman , by Laurie Cabot * The Book of Shadows by Lady Sheba * Herbal Magick by Gerina Dunwich *The Egyptian Tarot deck (and companion book) *The Gothic Tarot deck *one Affection of Aries candle, custom-designed for "The Spoils of War" by Artist JFay. Here's what you need to do: Comment on this blog and tell me a bit about yourself and what Samhain means to you. The winner will be drawn at random on October 31st! Check back here for the winner. And in the meantime, continue on the Simply Wicked tour with Day 9 at Intense Whisperer's Blog. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Facebook. Visit my Website. ______________________ Reference Material: The Myth of Samhain: Celtic God of the Dead Witchcraft: Theory and Practice, Ly de Angeles (Llewellyn, 2001) The wonderful ladies of The Beau Monde, the Regency chapter of the RWA John Holmes and James Varley, Alfred Thomas Story All Hallow's Eve, the Jane Austen MagazineIs a 16 year old girl, with dark brown hair, dark green eyes, 5'5, 116 pounds, a muscular butt, and 32C bra size sexy?Valerie I agree. There are so many brands to chose from that my list could go on forever. We just refuse to face the fact that we do "OWN OUR OWN".If you have normal skin and need a lightweight moisturizer, this could be fine to use. I personally would stick with something that contains proven anti-aging ingredients – like peptides, retinol, or antioxidants. Pro-Xylane may end up being a great anti-aging skin care ingredient, but personally I’m not ready to go out of my way to use it.Hey, I’m from the UK and over here we’ve just had a hair colour remover released which is similar to these products called B4 it’s suppose to remove colour from the hair and after using a medium brown which went black I decided to try the extra strong strength designed for darker shades or colour build up and remove the colour it did the trick of removing the brown/black, but with having red in previously it left a horrible orange colour just a bit darker to that of how the colour oops left, but I think they still great products for first time hair dyers or for people wanting to lighten their dyed hair before going a different colour.We visited Frank’s sister, MaryJo at her home in Lake Wales and took a boat ride on Lake Pierce, FL looking for alligators which could not be found but we enjoyed the ride taking pictures of the lake.
After the season was over we met with son-in-law Dave Blaeser in Orlando and took him to the Orlando wetlands to see the birds and alligators. All the alligators were in the water, but they were still alligators and some were large.OMG this is probably the most in depth blog post I have ever done, hahaha. Ah well, hope this was helpful to some of you![url=http://discountsfromavon.info/childrens_pencil.html]Revlon color stay makeup[/url].OMG this is probably the most in depth blog post I have ever done, hahaha. Ah well, hope this was helpful to some of you![url=http://discountsfromavon.info/gucci_no_3_perfume.html]You will always be my baby mariah carey lyrics[/url].DISCLAIMER: The manufacturers and distributors of the products being offered for sale are the owners of their registered trademarks, logos, packaging and copyrights. Stuff4beauty.com, is not related to or affiliated with any of the manufacturers or licensed distributors of the products and brand names being offered for sale. All logos appearing on this page are trademarked, restricted and/or copyrighted, and are the exclusive property of their respective owners. The inclusion of these logos in no way implies any official endorsement by the companies represented.L'Oreal owns brands ranging from Lancome to the Body Shop, which it bought last year. It said yesterday it would immediately appeal against the decision, which it found "incomprehensible".I do think that the brush is largely to blame for the heavy appearance of this makeup. However, even with the use of a good makeup brush, this makeup still tends to look a little masky.Global Lip Care Products Market to Reach $1.7 Billion by 2015, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.Priced around $9, this mascara is a steal considering it offers the same, if not more volume than the fancy pants brands I pay upwards of $20 for. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and have to say I’m really impressed. The collagen infused formula is super rich, and makes my lashes look so lush my family actually thought I had a pair of falsies on the other night at dinner. It also gives lashes a hint of sheen, much like Maybelline’s Stiletto Lash mascara, which doesn’t offer nearly as much oomph. Because this stuff is so rich however, you have to be very, very careful with clumps. The extra large brush makes for a thick application, but if there’s too much mascara on it your lashes will start sticking together and you’ll end up looking like the dearly departed Tammy Faye Baker. Given this fact I won’t say I LOVED IT, but I definitely like it, and will probably buy it again. Price: $9 Verdict: LIKE IT Get it: at drug storesI just purchased L’oreal Bare Naturale foundation, concealer, eye shadow and finish powder. The first day I put on way to much and I did not like the way my face looked or felt. I normally don’t wear much foundation. I am 46 and have noticed dark circles and puffiness starting to show. I have some lines around my eyes from sun exposure. Today I used less and found it to work better. I have oily skin. I may also look into a different brush to get better control of application as others have shared on this site. Not sure yet if I will buy again and am hoping that this line of product will not make my face break out.


Юбилей: четыре миллиона трансмиссий на заводе Škoda в Млада-Болеславе Трансмиссия MQ 200 используется с двигателями с крутящим моментом до 200 Нм, которыми оснащаются модели Škoda, Audi, Seat и Volkswagen[url=http://catalogueofnewavtomshin.ru/mazda_mpv_diski.html]Схема бесконтактного зажигания nissan[/url]Нажмите на марку автомобиля для которого требуется автозапчасти, и заполните форму заказа. Сделать заказ вы можете в любой удобной для вас форме и в любое время. Можно позвонить по телефону, написать на электронную почту либо заполнить форму заказа на соответствующей странице.Эта возможность позволяет нам предоставить нашим клиентам самые низкие оптовые и розничные цены на запчасти Мазда со склада в Москве. Любые автозапчасти Mazda (так же как и запчасти Ford) в Купер Авто можно приобрести оптом или в розницу - на Ваш выбор.Если коврик загрязнился, то его можно легко очистить как "сухим" способом (щетка, пылесос), так и при помощи воды (на автомойках можно мыть струей воды под давлением). Если при чистке ковриков использовалась вода, то просто повесьте коврики вертикально на 5-10 минут. За это время с них стечет основная часть воды. Вся оставшаяся вода быстро высохнет через некоторое время, даже если коврики будут уже лежать в салоне автомобиля.Флок осыпается после нанесения … Ты, где флок покупал? Ты уверен, что он швейцарский? Швейцарский флок режется под острым углом; а китайский, турецкий, какацкий и хренятский – неизвестно как режется. Ты же не свинью-копилку делаешь, а свою тачку; так делай её нормальным флоком, чтобы потом не стыдно было людям показывать. Флок должен втыкаться в поверхность и позволять остальным ворсинкам воткнуться рядом. Попробуй воткнуть острую палку в землю, а потом тупую… А лучше всего нанеси слой клея побольше. Это исправит ситуацию. Только не беги за микроскопом, всё равно не разглядишь угол среза. Всё не так просто. Если флок осыпается после нанесения, то в 90% случаев это просто тонкий слой клея. Микроскоп тут не поможет.При обновлении каталога в каждом из соответствующих разделов публикуется информация о появившихся деталях. Если для вашего авто ничего не публикуется, то смело спрашивайте почему, и выясняйте когда что-нибудь появится!В наших автосалонах всегда есть модели автомобилей LADA, GREAT WALL, Geely, Chance, ТагАЗ, Lifan. Вы можете оформить автокредит на покупку нового или автомобиля с пробегом, а также мы предлагаем подержанные автомобили ВАЗ и Lada, Лада Приора, Шевроле Нива, ВАЗ Калина, ВАЗ 2104 и других марок. Работаем по государственной программе утилизации.Да кстати… тонировка не обязательно темная наверняка прилично убирает шумы со стекол, да и шторка на заднюю полку дополнительно придаст барьер шумам и звуку…, я прав?Производя заказ автомобиля из США с помощью нашей компании, Вы получаете гарантию того, что Ваш автомобиль прослужит Вам долгие и долгие годы. И, если Вы думаете, что Вам будет проще выбрать автомобиль где-нибудь на рынке или в столичном автосалоне, позвольте Вас заверить: Вы ошибаетесь. Подробнее…
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Фаркоп (ТСУ) обеспечит равномерное распределение нагрузки на авто при перевозке грузов и обеспечит надежное эстетичное крепление прицепа и безопасность всех участников движения.(1527)[url=http://catalogueofnewavtomshin.ru/volkswagen_golf_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/45working_0_iii/index.html]Японский сайт подержанных автомобилей[/url]Компания Hyundai Motor Company официально объявила цены на новый ожидаемый автомобиль Hyundai Solaris. Hyundai Solaris – это новый седан линейки Hyundai, первый автомобиль нового завода Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus в Санкт-Петербурге, разработанный специально для России. Автомобиль выйдет с конвейера в январе 2011 года и будет представлен пятью комплектациями с набором дополнительных опций.Изменяются салоны. Улучшается их отделка, появляются регулируемые по длине передние диваны, подлокотники. Начиная с конца тридцатых в США начинается переход от напольного рычага переключения передач к расположенному на рулевой колонке, более удобному и дающему свободно разместиться на переднем сидении втроём.Приборная панель также открывает широкие возможности для интерьерного тюнинга. Взять хотя бы шкалы приборов – на какой спортивной машине спидометр, тахометр и другие циферблаты имеют темный фон? Изменить этот досадный недостаток можно с помощью наклеек на циферблаты. В специализированных магазинах есть шкалы разных цветов для нескольких моделей автомобилей. При установке циферблатов могут возникнуть некоторые трудности, такие как необходимость разбирать всю приборную панель. Но больше всего смущает цена таких аксессуаров – за небольшой листок самоклеящейся бумаги надо отдать от 200 до 750 грн! Впрочем, тем, кто имеет доступ к Интернету и качественной полиграфической технике, платить эти деньги необязательно – на некоторых сайтах любителей тюнинга есть готовые «выкройки» циферблатов, которые остается только распечатать и вырезать. Правда, самодельные шкалы не всегда абсолютно подходят для конкретного автомобиля – каждая модель выпускалась в нескольких модификациях, которые могут различаться наличием и «разграфовкой» приборов.Наш автомагазин предлагает широкий ассортимент запасных частей для отечественных и импортных автомобилей. В Екатеринбурге мы достаточно известны, так как именно у нас можно купить практически любую запчасть без лишней потери времени. Продажа запчастей является основной направленностью нашего предприятия, и поэтому мы тщательно следим за новинками в мире автоиндустрии.Инвестиции нового поколения! Заработай до 5000% годовых! Идеи домашнего бизнеса Главная Идеи домашнего бизнеса Как заработать в Интернете Заработай с Google Adsense! Школа интернет-бизнеса Раскрутка сайта Бизнес-практикум Как стать предпринимателем Поиск работы в Интернете Мошенники в сети Дневник "миллионерши" Идеи и технологии бизнеса Форум Внеси $100 и через 12 мес. зарабатывай $5000 ежемесячно Узнай как я заработал 150 000 руб. За 21 день без вложений Эврика! Видеокурс Гарантированного Домашнего бизнеса! Смотри! Как зарабатывать без вложений? От 340 $ в первый месяц! Реклама 125 р./суткиПри выполнении любой операции, каждый сотрудник учитывает тот факт, что тюнинг автомобиля – это работа креативная, требующая индивидуального подхода к каждой задаче. У нас Вы не найдете жесткого прайс-листа и перечня оказываемых услуг, зато Вы получите свой автомобиль таким, каким бы вы его хотели увидеть, чтобы максимально удовлетворить все Ваши требования и пожелания!В работе по пошиву салона и пошиву чехлов используем огромный выбор расцветок различных материалов это натуральная и искусственная кожа, замша, флоки, велюры, шинилы и другие импортые материалы различных европейских производителей.Наш опыт в области инженерии и создания комфорта в автомобиле, и опыт компании Симфония Отдыха в области массажа, позволят создать неповторимый комфорт в Вашем автомобиле.


The faculty and staff at the University of Kansas School of Medicine in Kansas City, Wichita and Salina are dedicated to preparing their students for the future of medicine by providing innovative education and training needed to practice in today's ever-changing health care delivery system.[url=http://nephrology.tk/rapid_response_team_hospital.html]Nerve pain treatment with topamax[/url].Chinese Medicine works with what we call "patterns" which is a description of the organ systems' environmental state, for instance Spleen Wetness. A pattern can also possibly describe an inter-relationship between organs, such as Liver invading the Spleen. A pattern is developed by combining 3 or more disharmonies, something in which we can all understand, such as weak digestion, sinus congestion and over-thinking.[url=http://nephrology.tk/affordable_ca_health_insurance_useful_information.html]Pharmacy technician job listing[/url].From Acupuncture to Ayurveda, Hypnosis to Nutrition Therapy, we specialize in expanding your medical options. Our patients also benefit from the collective knowledge of medical experts across the nation through Dr. Bhatia's association with Dr. Andrew Weil's fellowship in Integrative medicine.The second and third options are if you would like to personally benefit from Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Herbs and start on an herbal program. If this is the case, you have two choices.Family medicine education needs an ongoing process of rigorously evaluated innovation in curriculum design, teaching methods, and learner evaluation that address the implications of this new model of practice. For this dedicated issue, Family Medicine seeks manuscripts describing such innovation across all levels of learners in any discipline involved in primary care. Please consider submitting manuscripts that effectively convey PCMH principles and standards to such learners. Deadline is February 28, 2011. Get a copy of the complete Call for Papers.BACTERIOLOGY Al-Razi was asked to choose a site for a new hospital when he came to Baghdad. First he deduced which was the most hygienic area by observing where the fresh pieces of meat he had hung in various parts of the city decomposed least quickly.In the first study, the scientists found that if you drink diet soda – instead of the sugar variety – you could still have a much higher risk of vascular events compared to those who do not drink soda. In findings involving 2,564 people in the large, multi-ethnic Northern Manhattan Study, the researchers said people who drank diet soda every day had a 61 percent higher risk of vascular events than those who reported no soda drinking.Borrowing a Lakhota phrase, Hanta Ho , which means "clearing the way" , this book is about clearing the way by walking the medicine wheel so that another story emerges; a story of hope, sharing, understanding, survival and, ultimately, the triumph of the human spirit. The Ojibwa call it "Mene Doh" , or "state of revitalization" which extends to re-infusing the earth with healthy attitudes and actions. Certainly, witnessing the land come back to life cannot help but impact everyone.English Medicine from 1800 to 1840. - The progress of medicine in England during this period displays the same characteristics as at other times, viz. a gradual and uninterrupted development, without startling changes such as are caused by the sudden rise or fall of a new school. Hardly any theoretical system is of English birth; Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802), the grandfather of the great Charles Darwin, alone makes an exception. In his Zoonomia (1794) he expounded a theory of life and disease which had some resemblance to that of Brown, though arrived at (he says) by a different chain of reasoning.[url=http://nephrology.tk/affiliate_health_product_program_site.html]Migraine and medicines[/url].In any case, with reference to my posts on the military-ludological complex below, this is at least an example of digital counter-culture at its best.[url=http://nephrology.tk/and_blood_pressure_cuff.html]Pharmacy technician job listing[/url].Gerald Pier, Alice Prince and André Cantin comment on recent findings that question our understanding of cystic fibrosis lung pathogenesis.The Salt Wagon Story If our “Salt Wagon Story” were produced for a full-length film production, the miracle of Meharry Medical College’s emergence from simple vision to national esteem would strain credibility. Hollywood studio chiefs on the prowl for revenue generating screenplays would be dazzled by, but a bit suspicious of, the sequence of events that created and sustained Meharry. Cinema fans would endlessly debate whether the plot lines were real or imagined. read moreIn Dr L's latest blog story, she shares her first hand experience of a family member who was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Dr L explains: "When we spoke the day before surgery.British Medical Journal last year, highlighted the deplorable situation of most private medical colleges in india as medical teachers are MSc people with very poor medical education standards. most of indias 187 medical colleges do not have proper or adequate infrastructure, qualified MD staff, or facilities, while at the same time charged heavy capitation. most of the professors, associate professors and lecturers shown by the colleges worked on part-time basis -as if medical study is done by distance education. The report also depicted a shortage in skilled non-teaching staff, such as essential laboratory support staff This was coupled with a deficient physical infrastructure and shortage of equipment in almost all the colleges and sharing or instruments between medical colleges as in medical colleges at chennai. Most obvious deficiencies were in the number of beds available for teaching and in clinical materials. Many colleges flouted the norms of recognition set up by the Medical Council of India (MCI) that has always reiterated staff shortages to be not more than 5 per cent. However, it is worth noting that these same colleges were recognised yearly by the MCI and ministry of health. View petition 13. SaveTheFDAThrough varied outreach programs, students provide much-needed oral health services in the community. In total, students serve more than 20,000 residents each year in surrounding Philadelphia neighborhoods.Hospitals had separate wards for male patients and female patients. Each ward was furnished with a nursing staff and porters of the sex of the patients to be treated therein. Different diseases such as fever, wounds, infections, mania, eye conditions, cold diseases, diarrhea, and female disorders were allocated different wards. Convalescents had separate sections within them. Hospitals provided patients with unlimited water supply and with bathing facilities. Only qualified and licensed physicians were allowed by law to practice medicine. The hospitals were teaching hospitals educating medical students. They had housing for students and house-staff. They contained pharmacies dispensing free drugs to patients. Hospitals had their own conference room and expensive libraries containing the most up-to-date books. According to Haddad, the library of the Tulum Hospital which was founded in Cairo in 872 A.D. (I 100 years ago) had 100,000 books. Universities, cities and hospitals acquired large libraries (Mustansiriyya University in Baghdad contained 80,000 volumes; the library of Cordova 600,000 volumes; that of Cairo 2,000,000 and that of Tripoli 3,000,000 books), physicians had their own extensive personal book collections, at a time when printing was unknown and book editing was done by skilled and specialized scribes putting in long hours of manual labour.
First aid can be applied in situations like hypothermia, poisonings and bodily injuries. Learn more about how and when to use first aid.[url=http://nephrology.tk/miami_lasik_doctor.html]Pro active skin treatment[/url].October 16, 2010 more than 1,100 guests celebrated the opening of new UCF College of Medicine facilities at Lake Nona with an event that included fireworks and interactive tours of the state-of-the-art building. More.[url=http://nephrology.tk/alcohol_and_drugs_services.html]Nobel prize for medicine henrik[/url]."Black History Month: A Medical Perspective" contains a chronology of medical achievements of African Americans, a section on folk medicine, and a selective bibliography.The successful UMDNJ helpline program that has given vital support to New Jersey National Guard Members for nearly six years has been expanded to serve soldiers and their families at the large Fort Hood Army base in Texas.HOME | TEXT ONLY | CALENDAR | GIVING TO UMKC | HELP | A - Z INDEX | MAPS | NEWSWe know how important confidentiality is to you, so we’ve built a high level of security into our site. To begin your physician job search, click on “For Physicians.” You’ll see a list of the services the Career Center offers.Within a century after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the Muslims not only conquered new lands, but also became scientific innovators with originality and productivity. They hit the source ball of knowledge over the fence to Europe. By the ninth century, Islamic medical practice had advanced from talisman and theology to hospitals with wards, doctors who had to pass tests, and the use of technical terminology. The then Baghdad General Hospital incorporated innovations which sound amazingly modern. The fountains cooled the air near the wards of those afflicted with fever; the insane were treated with gentleness; and at night the pain of the restless was soothed by soft music and storytelling. The prince and pauper received identical attention; the destitute upon discharge received five gold pieces to sustain them during convalescence. While Paris and London were places of mud streets and hovels, Baghdad, Cairo and Cardboard had hospitals open to both male and female patients; staffed by attendants of both sexes. These medical centers contained libraries pharmacies, the system of interns, externs, and nurses. There were mobile clinics to reach the totally disabled, the disadvantaged and those in remote areas. There were regulations to maintain quality control on drugs. Pharmacists became licensed professionals and were pledged to follow the physician's prescriptions. Legal measures were taken to prevent doctors from owning or holding stock. in a pharmacy. The extent to which Islamic medicine advanced in the fields of medical education, hospitals, bacteriology, medicine, anesthesia, surgery, pharmacy, ophthalmology, psychotherapy and psychosomatic diseases are presented briefly.The combinations of Chinese herbs that you will find in either teapill or raw herbal formula form, have been developed and refined over hundreds of years, some even thousands of years. These Chinese herb formulas, because of their unique and well-thought out combinations, have the flexibility and focus to address a root problem.


The Program in Narrative Medicine invites applications for grants of up to $5000 for clinical divisions of CUMC who wish to engage in ongoing writing workshops in clinical settings and to study the outcomes of the effort. These workshops should be multi-disciplinary, team-building groups, made up of clinicians from all corners of a division’s staff.[url=http://nephrology.tk/miami_hospital_list.html]Ahealthcardaoyollnet asshtml gay index link[/url].Within a century after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the Muslims not only conquered new lands, but also became scientific innovators with originality and productivity. They hit the source ball of knowledge over the fence to Europe. By the ninth century, Islamic medical practice had advanced from talisman and theology to hospitals with wards, doctors who had to pass tests, and the use of technical terminology. The then Baghdad General Hospital incorporated innovations which sound amazingly modern. The fountains cooled the air near the wards of those afflicted with fever; the insane were treated with gentleness; and at night the pain of the restless was soothed by soft music and storytelling. The prince and pauper received identical attention; the destitute upon discharge received five gold pieces to sustain them during convalescence. While Paris and London were places of mud streets and hovels, Baghdad, Cairo and Cardboard had hospitals open to both male and female patients; staffed by attendants of both sexes. These medical centers contained libraries pharmacies, the system of interns, externs, and nurses. There were mobile clinics to reach the totally disabled, the disadvantaged and those in remote areas. There were regulations to maintain quality control on drugs. Pharmacists became licensed professionals and were pledged to follow the physician's prescriptions. Legal measures were taken to prevent doctors from owning or holding stock. in a pharmacy. The extent to which Islamic medicine advanced in the fields of medical education, hospitals, bacteriology, medicine, anesthesia, surgery, pharmacy, ophthalmology, psychotherapy and psychosomatic diseases are presented briefly.[url=http://nephrology.tk/aneurism_interatrial_mild_treatment.html]Noran clinic minnesota[/url].We also understand that for others this may be the first time being introduced to Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Herbs and the philosophy of Chinese Medicine in general. We have found the best way to become more comfortable with taking the natural remedies of Chinese Herbs is to spend plenty of time understanding how and why they work so well. We suggest exploring our site and becoming familiar with different Chinese herb formulas, based on your Western Biomedical illnesses or Chinese Medicine disharmonies. You may need to take more than one Chinese herb formula based on the listed disharmonies associated with each product.My friends and co-workers know that I love to learn about healing and holistic treatments and they often come to me for advice which I LOVE! I always thought 'I wish I could do this for a living' - and now I can! When I mentioned to my chiropractor (who has a holistic practice) that I was starting this course, without missing a beat he said 'Oh we'll give you an office here when you're ready - I'd love to see you every day!' Just another sign to me that I truly am being lead on the right path for my life!Mitra & Rangesh (2003) hold that cardamom and cinnamon stimulate digestive enzymes that break down polymeric macromolecules in the human body. [ 16 ] Research suggests that T. arjuna is useful in alleviating the pain of angina pectoris and in treating heart failure and coronary artery disease. [ 75 ] T. arjuna may also be useful in treating hypercholesterolemia. [ 75 ]Join over 10,000 hospitalists who are affecting the hospital medicine movement. SHM will help you actively navigate the changing demands of the fastest growing specialty in modern healthcare.We welcome and encourage professionals and trainees with an interest in consultation-liaison psychiatry / psychosomatic medicine to become a member of the APM. For application details, please see How to Join APM.Major studies in Norway in the 1980s and 1990s with more than 150,000 students found that about 15 percent of students in primary and lower secondary school, or approximately one in seven students, were involved in bullying with a degree of regularity—as a victim, as a bully, or both. At least 5 percent (more than [.]writers of this century need not be mentioned here; but the next, the 11th century, is given as the probable though uncertain date of a writer who had a great influence on European medicine, Mesua the younger of Damascus, whose personality is obscure, and of whose very existence some historians have doubted, thinking that the name was assumed by some medieval Latin writer. The work De simplicibus, which bears his name, was for centuries a standard authority on what would now be called materia medica, was printed in twenty-six editions in the 15th century and later, and was used in the formation of the first London pharmacopoeia, issued by the College of Physicians in the reign of James I. Either to the 10th or the 11th century must be referred the name of another Arabian physician who has also attained the position of a classic, Abu'l Qasiin or Abulcasis, of El-Zahra, near Cordova, in Spain. His great work, Altasrif, a medical encyclopaedia, is chiefly valued for its surgical portion (already mentioned), which was translated into Latin in the 16th century, and was for some centuries a standard if not the standard authority on surgery in Europe. Among his own countrymen the fame and position of Abulcasis were soon eclipsed by the greater name of Avicenna.[url=http://nephrology.tk/otc_yeast_infection_medicine.html]Advertised healthy keep many product slogan so ways[/url].New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine was started in 1996 by Dr. Chi Chow. Dr. Chow felt that the New York City area had need for a school which taught Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), especially acupuncture and Chinese herbology, much as it is taught in China, and which at the same time could help students relate this approach to Western medical practice.[url=http://nephrology.tk/philippine_pharmacy_online.html]Occupational stroke therapy treatment[/url].The amount of honey needed depends on the amount of fluid exuding from the wound - the benefits of honey on wound tissues will be reduced if honey becomes diluted a lot: typically, 20 ml of honey is used on a 10 cm X 10 cm dressing.West Virginia Medical Professionals Health Program, Inc. provides monitoring services to licensees (M.D.'s, D.P.M.'s, and P.A.-C.'s) with dependency, addiction, and mental health disorders while they pursue treatment and recovery for the same. Confidential participation in this physician health program is assured in instances where the licensee voluntarily self reports and remains in compliance with the program's requirements. This program was formally established more than two years ago, and WVMPHP continues to actively make medical professionals and the health service industry statewide aware of its services and to provide education regarding the issues of substance abuse and dependency.Physicians interested in completing the exam should log on to www.wileyblackwellcme.com. Upon successfully finishing the activity, physicians will receive an electronic certificate of completion, which can be printed and saved online under the user's profile.Ready to order? Have a question? We want to hear from you! Call 1-800-249-5770 Website Terms and Conditions | Privacy | Contact Us | Site Map © EB MedicineA t LFMO, we provide a medical home for you and your family to restore health and, more important, to preserve your health through preventive medical servicesOne novelty, however, of the first importance is due to a Vienna physician of the period, Leopold Auenbrugger (1722-1809), the inventor of the method of recognizing diseases of the chest by percussion. Auenbrugger's method was that of direct percussion with the tips of the fingers, not that which is now used, of mediate percussion with the intervention of a finger or plessimeter; but the results of his method were the same and its value nearly as great. Auenbrugger's great work, the Inventum novum, was published in 1761. The new practice was received at first with contempt and even ridicule, and afterwards by Stoll and Peter Frank with only grudging approval. It did not receive due recognition till 1808, when J. N. Corvisart translated the Inventum novum into French, and Auenbrugger's method rapidly attained a European reputation. Surpassed, but not eclipsed, by the still more important art of auscultation introduced by R. T. H. Laennec, it is hardly too much to say that this simple and purely mechanical invention has had more influence on the development of modern medicine than all the "systems" evolved by the most brilliant intellects of the 18th century.
66. Leveen HH, Falk G, Borek B, et al. Chemical acidification of wounds. An adjuvant to healing and the unfavourable action of alkalinity and ammonia. Ann Surg 1973; 178(6):745-753.[url=http://nephrology.tk/pc_doctor_for_window_download.html]Prostate cancer symptons[/url].Alumni gift establishes Ann Crowe Essig Patient Simulation Learning Lab Fund posted by: College of Medicine News 10/22/2009 8:22:03 AM[url=http://nephrology.tk/pbs_medicines.html]Natural treatment pin worms in children[/url].The study was led by William Raasch, M.D., associate professor of orthopaedic surgery at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, who also is the head team physician for the Milwaukee Brewers. Major League Baseball funded the study in an effort to help prevent injuries among professional baseball players.Competence: Good intentions and restraint are of limited value in unskilled hands. To be of true service, the care provider must have the ability to execute under duress, to adapt to harsh environments, and to perform when outcomes matter. These skills are best acquired through realistic scenarios and interactive discussions led by outdoor leaders and medical professionals.Clinical training: The next step was to give the student full clinical training. During this period students were assigned in small groups to famous physicians and experienced instructors, for ward rounds, discussions, lectures, and reviews. Early in this period therapeutics and pathology were taught. There was a strong emphasis on clinical instruction and some Muslim physicians contributed brilliant observations that have stood the test of time. As the students progressed in their studies they were exposed more and more to the subjects of diagnosis and judgment. Clinical observation and physical examination were stressed. Students (clinical clerks) were asked to examine a patient and make a diagnosis of the ailment. Only after an had failed would the professor make the diagnosis himself. While performing physical examination, the students were asked to examine and report six major factors: the patients' actions, excreta, the nature and location of pain, and swelling and effuvia of the body. Also noted was color and feel of the skin- whether hot, cool, moist, dry, flabby. Yellowness in the whites of the eye (jaundice) and whether or not the patient could bend his back (lung disease) was also considered important (8).Members of the UCF College of Medicine's Wilderness Medical Society practiced their medical, hiking and even their canoeing skills January 30 during a MedAR Medical Adventure Race at Moss Park. More.Twenty consecutive cases of Fournier's gangrene managed conservatively with systemic antibiotics (oral amoxicillin/clavulanic acid and metronidazole) in addition to daily topical application of honey were compared retrospectively with 21 similar cases of Fournier's gangrene managed by the orthodox method (wound debridement, wound excision, secondary suturing, and in some cases scrotal plastic reconstruction in addition to receiving a mixture of systemic antibiotics dictated by sensitivity results from cultures) (20). (The microorganisms cultured in both treatment groups were similar.)The core basic science content (years 1 and 2) and clinical requirements in Salina and Wichita will be identical to those on the Kansas City campus. Students in Salina will have the benefit of additional opportunities for early patient-care experiences to enhance education in the basic sciences, and clinical experiences will focus on delivery of health care in rural and secondary care centers rather than in tertiary care centers. Comparable student resources and support services will be offered across all three campuses. Electives, research opportunities, and international study will be available to all students.


Ernst, Edzard MD PhD, Max H. Pittler MD PHD , Barbara Wider MA. 2006. The Desktop Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach. 2nd ed. Mosby.[url=http://nephrology.tk/acne_topical_treatments.html]Allcare medical clinic[/url].Health care involves knowing how to self-treat, choosing a doctor and understanding the tests and procedures you undergo. This section will help you deal with all of these issues and stay informed on the latest advances in health care.[url=http://nephrology.tk/medical_treatment_for_alcohol.html]Miami valley hospital daytonoh[/url].Medicine wheels have been built and used for so long, and each one has enough unique characteristics, that archeologists have found it nearly impossible to tell exactly what each one was for, and haven't had much success at making broad generalizations about their function and meaning. One of the older wheels has been dated to over 4,500 years old; it had been built up by successive generations who would add new features to the circle. Due to the long existence of such a basic structure, archeologists suspect that the function and meaning of the medicine wheel changed over time, and it is doubtful that we will ever know what the original purpose was. It is not hard to imagine that medicine wheels, like most large stone structures, would probably have served a ceremonial or ritual purpose. There is evidence of dancing within some of the wheels. Other wheels were probably used as part of a ritual vision quest. Astronomer John Eddy put forth the theory that some of the wheels had astronomical significance, where the longest spoke on a wheel could be pointing to a certain star at a certain time of the year, suggesting that the wheels were a way to mark certain days of the year. Other scientists have shown that some of the wheels mark the longest day of the year. (Note that an astronomical/calendar theory has been suggested for just about every unnatural stone structure on Earth.)Prescription Information | Patient Information | Contact Us | Site Map | Mobile Site Información en Español | Unsubscribe From Tamiflu Emails | Recognizing Counterfeit TAMIFLU © Copyright 2010 Genentech USA, Inc. All rights reserved. The site is intended for U.S. residents only. Use and access of this site is subject to the terms and conditions as set out in our Legal Statement and Privacy Statement.Check out the new lyrics video for New Medicine's song "Rich Kids" from their debut album Race You To The Bottom. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SONG ON iTUNESQuestions about membership or activities? E-mail our Executive Director at. We welcome your feedback on our site. Please e-mail comments to: T. Garrick, MDTHE STATUTORY REGULATION (SR) OF PRACTITIONERS OF TRADITIONAL HERBAL MEDICINE AND CHANGES TO MEDICINE'S BILL. The Government wish to further regulate Herbalists by bringing them under state control, protecting both the function and title of a Herbalist. Alongside this regulation they wish to change the Herbal Medicine laws again to prevent anyone, other than a state regulated herbalist (or possibly other health professional), from prescribing herbs. This, coupled with a previous change to our herbal medicine laws, will take Herbal Medicine away from the people, with state regulated Herbalists and pharmaceutical companies claiming Herbal Medicine as their own. The reasons given for state control of Herbalists are to ensure the public’s safety and in the EU, fair competition. The Government claims to regulate only where there is a proven risk, yet several requests to demonstrate the ‘risk’ that Herbalists pose have not resulted in any information being forthcoming. Indeed, it has been claimed that this proof is not available. However, there is plenty of evidence about the risk of modern regulated medical practice and regulated pharmaceutical drugs. The majority of people have lost faith in the Government’s ability to act in an efficient, trustworthy and caring fashion. The overall impression of most people, is a government- created society, where economics and targets take precedence over morals, ethics, community and wellbeing. How can we trust our Government with our Ancient Indigenous Tradition, our health, our wellbeing and our environment? I am a qualified Independent Herbalist who, alongside many others, opposes the current regulatory proposals. I trained with The School of Phytotherapy, over 10 years ago, to Honours degree level, and I left the National Institute of Medical Herbalists a few years ago due to their support for Statutory Regulation. I hope to be able to continue to practise Herbal Medicine in the true and respected manner of our predecessors, which has been safe and effective for countless generations. It is my belief that the current proposals are unacceptable and will do nothing to protect the public from what is already a safe medical model, only create a bureaucratic paper exercise costing considerable sums of money, while destroying the Traditional Medicine of the British Isles and Europe. In summary, these are the problems that I foresee will result from Statutory Regulation: 1. There is no evidence that statutory regulation of health professionals ensures public safety. In fact there is a growing evidence base suggesting that the contrary is in fact true. 2. Herbal Medicine and Herbalists were and are, contrary to popular comment, regulated in many ways, mainly to ensure we are safe, honest and law abiding in our practises. Stories from the press, government and MHRA about problems with Herbal Medicine are blamed on lack of regulation, yet most, if not all the cases broke current laws. Regulation clearly does not stop those determined to break the law, as we so often see in our society. 3. Herbal Medicines will be increasingly made by modern, highly processed methods, often by the big national and multinational pharmaceutical companies, who will be able to fund the new licensing laws, unlike the small cottage industries which currently manufacture Herbal products. These preparations manufactured by the pharmaceutical companies are often non traditional, therefore do not have any traditional evidence of safety and are biased towards making profits, rather than peoples well being. The consequences of making Herbal preparations in this way and with profit as the main drive are likely to be dire for both the public and our environment. The Traditional Herbal Medicines Directive has already been put into UK law and is set to remove a number of valuable Herbal Medicines from our shelves in 2011 due to huge costs and arguably, unnecessary criteria. At a time when our environment needs serious consideration and respect, simple, traditional, indigenous Herbal Medicines can satisfy many needs effectively, having a much smaller footprint on the environment than other health treatments. We must not forsake our simple, locally grown, native, traditional Herbal preparations for fashionable “Wonder Herbs” that are highly processed, licensed at a huge cost and then sold for extortionate amounts. All Herbs are wonderful and effective in their simplest form when used wisely. 4. Statutory Regulation will increase the cost to the State Regulated Herbalist and therefore increase the cost to the patient. 5. Many experienced, highly qualified Herbalists are likely to refuse to become statutory regulated on moral grounds, either leading to a reduction in available experienced Herbalists or Herbalists being forced to work illegally. 6. A number of good, experienced Herbalists may be denied statutory regulation, not having undergone a course deemed acceptable to the regulatory body. Modern degree courses being currently offered by many universities do not necessarily equate with the best training, many becoming increasingly dominated by modern, mainstream medicine and science at the expense of our Traditional Knowledge. 7. An increased influence from modern, mainstream science and medicine, affecting our training, our practise and our development, has caused a reduction in real choice and diversity. This situation is likely to create an unnecessary complexity and fear of Herbal Medicine, much of which has been used for thousands of years, both as food and medicine, accessible to everyone, either via a Herbalist or by growing the Herbs oneself. 8. Any Herbalist who refuses or is refused statutory regulation will not legally be able to continue treating their patients, putting their patient’s health at risk and denying their patients the right to choose their own Herbalist. 9. An undermining of our Traditional Knowledge, which has been used effectively for thousands of years before the development of pharmaceuticals, has taken place. Currently in favour is ‘scientific’ research that is often bad science, misleading, funded by pharmaceutical companies and at best only a small insight into the use of Herbs. 10. Voluntary Self Regulation, as practised by certain bodies of Western Herbal practitioners, has been safe, effective and of minimum cost. In my experience people choose to come and see a Herbalist for a variety of reasons; a) They wish to use natural medicines believing them to be less likely to do harm than pharmaceutical drugs b) Mainstream medicine cannot help them c) They have been harmed in some way by mainstream medicine and have lost all faith in it. d) Having used Herbal Medicine in the past and know that they are very effective e) The care and time that they receive from a Herbalist assists their path back to health f) Our alternative philosophy about health. The process towards SR has had little input from the vast majority of Herbalists. A very small number of Herbalists lobbied Government for state regulation in the early ‘90’s, believing that it would increase our status and perhaps enable work within the NHS. Both in Europe and UK, the pharmaceutical giants have heavily influenced the regulation of Herbalists and Herbal Medicine. For further information please go to, SAVE OUR HERBS; THE CAMPAIGN FOR PROTECTION OF HERBAL MEDICINE http://www.saveourherbs.org.uk References The UK legislative provisions for herbal medicines are to be found in, the Medicines Act 1968, Section 12, paragraphs 1 & 2, and Section 56, paragraphs 1 & 2. Traditional Herbal Medicines Registration Scheme (UK law introduced to follow EU Directive 2004/24/EC) Section 12(1) specifies exemption for herbal medicines from licensing provided that they are supplied subsequent to private personal consultation. Section 12(2) exempts herbal medicines provided that they are produced according to standard traditional, non-industrial methods. It also specifies that no written claims may be made for the use of the remedy. Section 12(2) is set to be abolished in 2011, being replaced by the Traditional Herbal Medicines Registration Scheme (30.5.05) Section 56 reiteratWithout a measles vaccine, your children's lives may be in danger.Just weeks ago, a San Francisco man who had traveled abroad brought back a deadly souvenier. He had spent some time in Europe with a friend who had been diagnosed with measles, and several days aft. More >>We were so inspired and impressed with the content of the course that we immediately started applying this information to our own lives. We were astonished that such life-transforming information was not more widely known and practiced. During our studies we decided on focusing on how to share this knowledge with people around the world, so that billions could powerfully transform and improve their lives. We’ve always believed that with access to solid information, people will invariably make good choices for their health.[url=http://nephrology.tk/natural_health_food_stores_nyc.html]Pancreatic cancer death rate[/url].These observers, and others who cannot be mentioned here, belong to the period when English medicine was still little influenced by the French school. Shortly after 1815, however, when the continent of Europe was again open to English travellers, many English doctors studied in Paris, and the discoveries of their great French contemporaries began to be known. The method of auscultation was soon introduced into England by pupils of Laennec. John Forbes (1787-1861) in 1824, and William Stokes (1804-1878) of Dublin in 1825, published treatises on the use of the stethoscope. Forbes also translated the works of Laennec and Auenbrugger, and an entire revolution was soon effected in the knowledge of diseases of the chest. James Hope (1801-1841) and Peter Mere Latham (1789-1875) further developed this subject, and the former was also known for his researches in morbid anatomy. The combination of clinical and anatomical research led, as in the hands of the great French physicians, to important discoveries by English investigators. The discovery by Richard Bright (1789-1858) of the disease of the kidneys known by his name proved to be one of the most momentous of the century. It was published in Reports of Medical Cases 1827-1831. Thomas Addison (1793-1860) takes, somewhat later, a scarcely inferior place. The remarkable physiological discoveries of Sir Charles Bell (1774-1842) and Marshall Hall (1790-1857) for the first time rendered possible the discrimination of diseases of the spinal cord. Several of these physicians were also eminent for their clinical teaching - an art in which Englishmen had up till then been greatly deficient.[url=http://nephrology.tk/anorexia_bulimia_in_north_plant_texas_treatment.html]Syracuse university hospital[/url].The UI College of Medicine participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Applications are available in April and must be filed by Nov. 15 of the year preceding enrollment. Upon receipt of the AMCAS application, the Office of Admissions and Records sends eligible candidates a supplemental application form, which must be filed by Jan. 15 of that year. 1. Candidates must also submit a minimum of three letters of academic recommendation or one composite letter from a preprofessional committee.Welcome to the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. We are among the largest at UAMS with 105 full-time faculty members, and training ranks that include 88 residents and 68 fellows in two residency programs and twelve fellowship programs. Department leadership structure consists of the Chair, Dr. James D. Marsh, a clinical and molecular cardiologist, experienced educator, and leader. He has chaired the department 6.5 years. The department has three vice chairs: Dr. Robert W. Bradsher, vice chair of education; Dr. C. Stavros Manolagas, vice chair of research, and Dr. Robert Safirstein, executive vice chair. Organizationally, the department is comprised of nine academic divisions, each led by a division director who reports to the Chair. Each division also leads their respective services at the Central Arkansas Veterans Health Service facility, which is immediately adjacent to the University Hospital and connected by an enclosed sky bridge.The most compelling question from the Hastings panel on pot: How could two guys with such different opinions on marijuana think so similarly about fashion? Was this planned?Hastings law students with the munchies and a keen interest in how changes in federal priorities on marijuana enforce. More >><!---Please do not add content here. This block is the element that adds the the blue separation between the top and bottom section.--->You should not eat or drink anything after midnight on the day of your procedure, but you may continue taking medications with small amounts of water unless your physician says otherwise. If you take beta-blocker medication (Inderal, metoprolol, etc.) you should specifically ask your physician about temporary discontinuation.Dr. Anders was chosen for her work on the identification of the prognosis and treatment of breast cancer brain metastases. Dr. Hoadley is being recognized for her contributions to a UNC-led analysis of glioblastomas (fast-growing malignant brain tumors).
Copyright, Privacy, Accessibility, Site Map, Contact Us U.S. National Library of Medicine, 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20894 National Institutes of Health, Health & Human Services Freedom of Information Act[url=http://nephrology.tk/pressure_point_pain_relief.html]Abcmesotheoliomacom abcmesotheoliomacom cancer mesothelioma[/url].Founded in 1978, the AHMA remains true to its original mission, serving as the leading advocate for the use of holistic and integrative medicine by all licensed healthcare providers. We embrace integrative, complementary and alternative medicine techniques; we hold onto what is helpful in allopathic medicine, and we understand that healing includes your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spirit.[url=http://nephrology.tk/omni_health_and_fitness_charleston_sc.html]Annes hospital[/url].The above sketch of Hippocratic medicine will make it less necessary to dwell upon the details relating to subsequent medical schools or sects in ancient times. The general conception of the physician's aim and task remained the same, though, as knowledge increased, there was much divergence both in theory and practice - even opposing schools were found to be developing some part of the Hippocratic system. Direct opponents or repudiators of the authority of Hippocrates were rare, all generally appealing to his authority. But, insensibly, the least valuable part of the Hippocratic work, the theory, was made permanent; the most valuable, the practical, neglected.German historians of medicine attach great importance to the revolt of Paracelsus against the prevailing systems, and trace in his writings anticipations of many scientific truths of later times. That his personality was influential, and his intrepid originality of great value as an example in his own country, is undeniable. As a national reformer he has been not inaptly compared to Luther. But his importance in the universal history of medicine we cannot estimate so highly. The chief immediate result we can trace is the introduction of certain mineral remedies, especially antimony, the use of which became a kind of badge of the disciples of Paracelsus. The use of these remedies was not, however, necessarily connected with a belief in his system, which seems to have spread little beyond his own country. Of the followers of Paracelsus some became mere mystical quacks and impostors. Others, of more learning and better repute, were distinguished from the regular physicians chiefly by their use of chemical remedies. In France the introduction of antimony gave rise to a bitter controversy which lasted into the 17th century, and led to the expulsion of some men of mark from the Paris faculty. In England "chemical medicine" is first heard of in the reign of Elizabeth, and was in like manner contemned and assailed by the College of Physicians and the Society of Apothecaries. But it should be remembered that all the chemical physicians did not call Paracelsus master. The most notorious of that school in England, Francis Anthony (1550-1623), never quotes Paracelsus, but relies upon Arnald de Villanova and Raimon Lull. From this time, however, it is always possible to trace a school of chemical practitioners, who, though condemned by the orthodox Galenists, held their ground, till in the 17th century a successor of Paracelsus arose in the celebrated J. B. Van Helmont.This page has been accessed 480 times. This page was last modified 02:15, 30 May 2005. All content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.Attendees to this year's Conference on Medical Student Education attended dynamic plenaries, engaging sessions, and got a great chance to network with their peers. Click HERE to see a variety of pictures from the conference.New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine offers flexible scheduling with classes mostly on weekends and a friendly family-style atmosphere that encourages stress-free learning. The main campus of the school, located in Mineola, Long Island, New York is easily accessible by LIRR, bus and auto. For Manhattan, New York based students, the Manhattan clinic/classroom facility offers the possibility of completion of up to 50% of the program in Manhattan, New York. The Manhattan New York Clinic of the acupuncture school and TCM school is open 5 days per week, and a limited number of classes are offered there on weekday evenings.WARRIOR (EAST) - STAMINA, LEADERSHIP You come into your leadership skills by staying in your power, by extending honour and respect. You do this by showing up and being responsible and accountable. In other words, do not hide or hold back, but, respect limits and boundaries. Do not, in other words, interfere and/or insinuate yourself into someone else's world without being invited. Always demonstrate the right use of power. Listen to the messages from Father Sky and the four great winds. Empower yourself by using a rattle, dancing, meditating while standing, connecting to nature and finding your power animals. Watch out for the shadow aspects of leadership : rebellion, 'power-over' mentality, riding the coattails of powerful people. Remember, stand in the sweet territory of being present, using 'right action', wise communication, and responsible position.


Would you like to be notified when a new article is added to the Medicine category? Email Address: Your Name:[url=http://nephrology.tk/mega_life_and_health_company.html]Breast cancer cancer treatment[/url].Over the past several years, NSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine has experienced some of the highest increases in applicants both percentage-wise and numerically of any established college of osteopathic medicine. As of 2009, NSU-COM ranks number one in both categories. The average increase of applicants to colleges of osteopathic medicine is approximately 7 percent; however, applications to NSU-COM have surged an impressive 23 percent.[url=http://nephrology.tk/obesity_and_health_insurance.html]Managed healthcare associates[/url].Most of the research on tapering prior to competition shows the largest benefit can be had by drastically cutting your training volume but adding high intensity interval training sessions in the week prior to competition. Read about the research and get more tips and tricks about the best way to begin tapering for your next endurance competition.Above all else, we value our patients as people deserving care as well as treatment. We listen - that's the difference.Gastroenteritis Haffejee, I. E.; Moosa, A. (1985) Honey in the treatment of infantile gastroenteritis. British Medical Journal 290 : 1866-1867.PCSS-M is designed to help with patient assessment and selection, initiating and titrating methadone, conversion from other opioids, dosing and patient monitoring, interpreting methadone serum levels, drug-drug interactions, methadone and cardiac conduction, minimizing risk of diversion and overdose, management of co-occurring conditions, identification and provision of useful resources.Working under the umbrella of a single division enables Internal Medicine and Family Medicine clinics to benefit from sharing quality initiatives, clinical care standards, and academic projects. Keep reading»250 years ago, the first veterinary medical school was founded in Lyons, France marking the beginning of veterinary medicine as a profession. In celebration, 2011 has been designated by the World Veterinary Association as the Year of the Veterinarian. Take this opportunity this year to learn more about veterinary medicine! Learn MoreThe first way is to use our website as a search tool! We have spent many hours over the years since 2002 developing the website technology to enable you to begin to find the right natural remedy of Chinese herbs for you.[url=http://nephrology.tk/osgood_schlatters_disease.html]Parkinsons clinics[/url].NYCTCM graduates will have a thorough understanding of and deep respect for traditional Chinese principles of treatment, including their cultural and philosophical context.[url=http://nephrology.tk/arkansas_health_jonesboro_mental.html]Pc doctor download[/url].Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Medicine? Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and.Up-to-date, prompt services LFMO’s state-of-the-art Electronic Health Record provides a well-organized, always up-to-date (and legible) way to keep track of your and your family’s medical information. This computerized record gives our doctors and staff complete and comprehensive access to your specific information at any time, which in turn provides a quality assurance system that would be impossible using the old system of paper charts and files. Plus, the broad range of lab and imaging services we provide on site gives our doctors and staff fast results from which to make accurate, prompt diagnoses and treatment plans. These on-site services also save you valuable time and worry.Although no system or important doctrine of medicine was originated by the Roman intellect, and though the practice of the profession was probably almost entirely in the hands of the Greeks, the most complete picture which we have of medical thought and activity in Roman times is due to a Latin pen, and to one who was, in all probability, not a physician. A. Cornelius Celsus, a Roman patrician, who lived probably in the ist century, appears to have studied medicine as a branch of general knowledge. Whether he was a practising physician or not has been a matter of controversy. The conclusion supported by most evidence seems to be that he practised on his friends and dependants, but not as a remunerative profession. His well-known work, De medicina, was one of a series of treatises intended to embrace all knowledge proper for a man of the world. It was not meant for the physicians, and was certainly little read by them, as Celsus is quoted by no medical writer, and when referred to by Pliny, is spoken of as an author not a physician. There is no doubt that his work is chiefly a compilation; and Daremberg, with other scholars, has traced a large number of passages of the Latin text to the Greek originals from which they were translated. In the description of surgical operations the vagueness of the language seems sometimes to show that the author had not performed such himself; but in other parts, and especially in his historical introduction, he speaks with more confidence; and everywhere he compares and criticizes with learning and judgment. The whole body of medical literature belonging to the Hippocratic and Alexandrian times is ably summarized, and a knowledge of the state of medical science up to and during the times of the author is thus conveyed to us which can be obtained from no other source. The work of Celsus is thus for us only second in importance to the Hippocratic writings and the works of Galen; but it is valuable rather as a part of the history of medicine than as the subject of that history. It forms no link in the general chain of medical tradition, for the simple reason that the influence of Celsus (putting aside a few scanty allusions in medieval times) commenced in the 15th century, when his works were first discovered in manuscript or committed to the press. Since then, however, he has been almost up to our own times the most popular and widely read of all medical classics, partly for the qualities already indicated, partly because he was one of the few of those classics accessible to readers of Latin, and partly also because of the purity and classical perfection of his language.Medieval Adi Shankara   · Basava   · Dnyaneshwar   · Chaitanya   · Jayanta Bhatta   · Kabir   · Kumarila Bhatta   · Madhusudana   · Madhva   · Namdeva   · Nimbarka   · Prabhakara   · Raghunatha Siromani   · Ramanuja   · Vedanta Desika   · Manavala Mamuni   · Pillai Lokacharya   · Samarth Ramdas   · Tukaram   · Tulsidas   · Vachaspati Mishra   · VallabhaLocation Turn north on Montana Highway 16 off U.S. Highway 2 at Culbertson. Follow Highway 16 north for approximately 22 miles until you reach the Refuge, which is marked with a large entrance sign on the North Shore Road.29. Dumronglert E. A follow-up study of chronic wound healing dressing with pure natural honey. J Nat Res Counc Thail 1983; 15(2):39-66.
Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine is a private nonprofit 501(c)(3) Naturopathic medical college. SCNM sincerely appreciates the ongoing support of alumni, students, faculty, community friends, corporations and foundations. You are invited to join the growing number of SCNM donors who are making a dynamic difference in health care through Naturopathic medicine.[url=http://nephrology.tk/man_health_best_life_magazine.html]Rai thyroid treatment[/url].Patient Opinion. Just under a year ago, my father died in hospital. My mother, an NHS nurse of many years and herself now hospitalised, was aghast at some of the lapses in care that my father experienced. She is sure (and I share her view) that his end was hastened by these failures — failures made all the more obvious by the contrast with the often very good care he received.[url=http://nephrology.tk/medicine_requip_for.html]Pain high blood pressure[/url].When is the best time to view certain birds? Sharp-tailed grouse dance in April and May. Prairie songbird choruses peak in June. Spring shorebird migration peaks in mid May, with the summer peak in late July or August. Waterfowl migration peaks in May and October. Breeding waterbirds such as white pelicans and grebes can be seen through summer with peak nesting in June. Western grebes perform their courtship dance during May.Hospitals had separate wards for male patients and female patients. Each ward was furnished with a nursing staff and porters of the sex of the patients to be treated therein. Different diseases such as fever, wounds, infections, mania, eye conditions, cold diseases, diarrhea, and female disorders were allocated different wards. Convalescents had separate sections within them. Hospitals provided patients with unlimited water supply and with bathing facilities. Only qualified and licensed physicians were allowed by law to practice medicine. The hospitals were teaching hospitals educating medical students. They had housing for students and house-staff. They contained pharmacies dispensing free drugs to patients. Hospitals had their own conference room and expensive libraries containing the most up-to-date books. According to Haddad, the library of the Tulum Hospital which was founded in Cairo in 872 A.D. (I 100 years ago) had 100,000 books. Universities, cities and hospitals acquired large libraries (Mustansiriyya University in Baghdad contained 80,000 volumes; the library of Cordova 600,000 volumes; that of Cairo 2,000,000 and that of Tripoli 3,000,000 books), physicians had their own extensive personal book collections, at a time when printing was unknown and book editing was done by skilled and specialized scribes putting in long hours of manual labour.Institute for Clinical and Translational Science Medical education at MU pamphlet PAST Read about the school's history.Before the theoretic tendency of the 18th century was quite exhausted, it displayed itself in a system which, though in some respects isolated in the history of medicine, stands nearest to that of Brown - that, namely, of Hahnemann (see Homoeopathy). S. C. F. Hahnemann (1753-1844) was in conception as revolutionary a reformer of medicine as Paracelsus. He professed to base medicine entirely on a knowledge of symptoms, regarding all investigation of the causes of symptoms as useless. While thus rejecting all the lessons of morbid anatomy and pathology, he put forward views respecting the causes of disease which hardly bear to be seriously stated. All chronic maladies result either from three diseasespsora (the itch), syphilis or sycosis (a skin disease), or else are maladies produced by medicines. Seven-eighths of all chronic diseases are produced by itch driven inwards.' (It is fair to say that these views were published in one of his later works.) In treatment of disease Hahnemann rejected entirely the notion of a vis medicatrix naturae, and was guided by his well-known principle 1 The itch ( scabies ) is really an affection produced by the presence in the skin of a species of mite ( Acarus scabiei ), and when this is destroyed or removed the disease is at an end.Commencing in 2007, several of the member boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties (American Board of Internal Medicine, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, American Board of Pediatrics, American Board of Otolaryngology, and American Board of Family Medicine) began administering an examination in sleep medicine.If you develop an allergic reaction or a severe rash, stop taking TAMIFLU and contact your healthcare professional immediately, as it may be very serious. People with the flu, particularly children and adolescents, may be at an increased risk of self injury and confusion shortly after taking TAMIFLU and should be closely monitored for signs of unusual behavior. A healthcare professional should be contacted immediately if the patient taking TAMIFLU shows any signs of unusual behavior.

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