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Price varies with supply as you would expect. However, supply is not a function of weather (much is grown indoors anyway). It mostly reflects the degree and success of law enforcement and eradication efforts. At least thats how it was when I was in college.

Further, consider that bad economic times would likely lead to as much of a supply increase as a demand increase. Unemployed people are more likely to consider less than legal business ventures (or at least growing their own smoke that they can no longer afford to purchase).


As noted, weather is just not an issue -- they call it weed for a reason, and even commodity marijuana is expensive enough to run drip lines. No, the marijuana market is almost exactly like the Champagne market. There's cheap crap that gives you a headache, drinkable stuff, and then as-much-as-you-can-spend stuff of dubious worth (which I say as a horrible sucker for really good Champagne).

It's never been my thing, but my impression from the wake-and-bake stoner acquaintances of my youth is that the price of the good stuff just doesn't go down much.

The Other Stalwart

I think to call marijuana a commodity would be a disgrace to "Purple Haze" and "Northern Lights" producers everywhere...

I agree with one of the above comments that price is very much driven by the intensity of police efforts to crack down on it. Avoiding the authorities I would guess comprises the majority of the cost. Actual water and fertilizer is probably a very small proportion. Also yes, in periods of unemployment I would imagine that more people decide to take the risk of growing it.


Maybe in Amsterdam, where it is legal, such an expiriment could be done. The results would be truly fascinating!

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Price will be related to the penalty of getting caught and how likely getting caught is.

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Maybe in Amsterdam, by which it is legal, this sort of an expiriment may perhaps be done. The outcomes may be genuinely fascinating!

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