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I hope they really think about poor because most of the time they just commit or show off all this things for government subsidy benefits...

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I have gone through your project its very well and project is very large,Let see how they will implement it.One thing is sure that the implement of this project will help to increase the economy of the country..

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Well there is paths seemingly forever split as their world shattered before them..

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I really believe that it was purely a political decision.

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There's also the problem of image and public perception. Anytime someone has a problem with their iPhone, the default will be to blame AT&T.


Well The progress of cdma as I suppose has been hindered by the aggressive deployment of GSM on the continent.....One thing is very great in this that through this people get employment and ratio of unemployment will reduce and many more benefits are raise for folk..


maravillosamente, la frase muy de valor


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Accenture Development Partnerships has been engaged as implementation partner..There's also the problem of image and public perception..Really nice project..


i like this post thanks

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