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Oh, so unexpected, so surprise! Very touching, so well written and I have some perception, learning very much. Thank you for sharing. Very happy to see these and believe that your point of view.

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Really its so hard to stop.. and switch to the competing CDMA standards.Thanks

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Could these development projects by GSM providers be something similar?

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The GSM Association has, since October last year, been working on the pilot phase projects with operators in eight countries in Asia and Africa..

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Author of this really nice blogger,I appreciate him to post some more blogs and express his views in details on concern topic...

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No one can convert all CDMA customers in GSM customers,people select services as per their uses and best option is work for portability and provide lot of services to customers built more n more standard..so other network users automatically switch towards our network...

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I am so glad to know about that GSMA work for mobile groeth in that areas where Its need,Directky or indirectky they promote that areas which are not developed,Thats a smart social work with earning....

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Its a very nice concept to develop the mobile industry in that ares where mobile services are needed,in that sectors mobiles companies have a great scope to expand their business and even its a very good opportunity for them to expand their business....

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I think its very great idea to do business that now mobile industry is developed and getting business more from here is very difficult but on other hand getting business from new areas where is mobile industry is new areas is too much beneficial...

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I think this is best concept,they involve both in this concept expanding business in that ares where is scope and social work by increase their living standard.great investment...

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Its a very good job that GSM hooks poor by expanding their business,They can take benefits also this in tax as social work.

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I think its a good decision taken by GSMA to mobile industry in emerging ares,through this development GSMA also done social welfare...I hope your decision makes a great changes in mobile world...

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This is called triple R means right decision on right for right place.I proud of GSMA,
go ahead..

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I hope GSMA fulfil their commitment,its not a fake commitments...

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Gsma make a very good planning through this planning they can do social work as well as take benefit of government subsidy,great idea..


Its a good step towards social service,concept is very appropriate GSMA makes a good decision,GSMA can also takes a benefit of government subsidy...

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Its a very old news and I heard it amny times on news channels,specially on CNBC,well I appreciate the GSMA to take the ASHIA also in this program..

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IT a brilliant idea through which every one get benefits from low class to high class even government also,unemployment will be reduce and employment, living standard will be increased..

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It had to be good won for Motorola in last year and they got agreement to sell cell phone in Africa,which is very great deal for Motorola..

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I am so glad to know that GSMA have a great planning for development,through this development a lot of unemployment will be reduced and economy will be strong..

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I have gone through your concept its very nice but I don't think its a easy task.GSMA have to make a great efforts to implements this project.let see what happen...

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The idea is very nice but this idea is very critical to implement and its a very long process also..

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I hope the planning will turn in implement instead of controversy because GSM & CDMA both are here.One thing is very great in this that through this people get employment and ratio of unemployment will reduce and many more benefits are raise for folk..

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I heard it amny times on news channels,specially on CNBC,well I appreciate the GSMA to take the ASHIA also in this program..

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