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One day at my 'day job', I get a support email from someone wanting a system built for them but it had to be done in 24 hours. The specs were very well-laid out

Then as I read on, I read the word 'assignment' a few times and realized that this person wanted us to do their homework for them! I didn't know it was wide spread....and we aren't even in India.

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A website without a live chat would be something like - A customer walks into a car showroom and looks at all the models; he spends some time, and walks out of the showroom with a contact number in hand. He may be left with numerous questions in mind. He may or may not contact the dealer. While a website with a Live Chat Support would be having a salesman in the showroom who can study the customer from the moment he enters the showroom, solving his answers all along and sending him back with all his queries well attended!


Its true. You have online site from which you can hire a tutor and get your homeworks done. I myself was a member of http://www.myhwsolution.com They provide homework help and will also give full solution to your homework. I myself think there is nothing wrong with it as long as you are learning from it.


Thanks for sharing

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It is rite A lotf os online site from which you can hire a tutor and get your home work done. I saw many website they provide home work help and will also give full solution to your homework.

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Great project, and it seems like it had great results.

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An impressive number, but still a tiny fraction of all computer students, the vast majority of whom are no doubt an honest and hardworking lot.


I think its a pretty good idea not that there aren't other sites out there that already do something similar but I think it might catch on here pretty well..

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I need a simple console-based program and a PHP script written that uses the openssl library.

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There has been a lot of discussions and debate on this but despite of the issues, still people are outsourcing some of their jobs. Hope issues would turn out positive and fair for everyone in this world.

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That's a good idea! you said"they'll design the next Danish-furniture-influenced MP3 player" maybe?

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This increased workload often forces the best of us to push our organizational skills out the window.

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When I first read the post, I thought: Is it really what I thought? Then it turned out to be so, actually. OK, it's a nice invention, may be, but I still can't inderstand how it works.

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Agreed. Online commenting has the potential to be a powerful way to get quick feedback from those who agree and disagree from a variety of sources. Positive or not, it should be sincere and at the least thoughtful. So often it becomes a popularity contest.

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