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nathan steyn

You can blame Enron, Bernie Ebbers and the widening pay gap between executives and the average worker for this.

The real America is fed up. Big business, which they feel has screwed them in so many ways, is going to be "sent a message."

The surprising thing is that the top brass at Merk, Wall Street and the lawyers didn't see this coming.

Shows how far removed they are from reality.

william c. owen

I am plaintiff's lawyer and I am shocked by this verdict. This resulting trend will take Merc down. The only question will be whether reorganization under Ch. 11 can occur quick enough to save the company. Congress needs to prescribe a "clear and convincing" evidentiary standard for every risk factor which was made known to the FDA and presumably weighed and approved by it. A functional tort system can't survive roulette risk assessment of the type illustrated by this verdict.

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