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Lower volume selloff, still a selloff on good news (their choice of words)

67% downside volumea pretty good down day. ALL dat WHite House saff mouth piece was humping and hyping the AM's GDP figures, saying it "came in where economist's predicted" bt that's a LIE according to Briefing.Com where the survey SAID! 3.5^ was expected coming down from 3.8% we landed in shit at 3.4%, but hey that's not half bad?

The press lackies been whipped with wet noodle better not ask too many questions, better to parse freakin' words on what Frist said about STEM CELLS! wooof

SAd.......really sad! boo boo

COMPQ didn't like 2,000? ALL those "good " earnings..hmmmm shouldn;t have any problem paying into pensions and that leaves plenty left for buying stock for stock options and insider wise guy payouts as the lemmings lap it up.....SAD, really sad

LEI didn't say hat they wanted it to, so they changed the damn formula! yeah, just like that. OUT goes the data from a FLATTENIG yield curve.

The wise asses rather commit their worthless opinion isntaed of leaving the caluclation formula alone, surely THEY know better.

3.4 GDP not half bad, what's the beef POPS? Because I KNOW that's BEEFED UP TOO!!!



Now add that housing prices go thru the roof yet they aren't included in CPI figures!! nor is rising property tax, but RENTS ARE!!??? gee, Iwonder why THEY don't want it to look like inflation is here?

Yeah, the noodnicks at Press meeting don't know how to ask a question, or maybe they are worried if they get too pissy, they'll NEVER get called on again?

Yeah, that's the service I provide, I'm covering your ass, along with a few others, we keep digging for the truth, as much as it hurts me to find it.

Things aren't always what they seem? BINGO

The avg Joe's and Josie's know the score, and some maybe wonder why the life they see an dlive isn't reflected in any of this data?

ALL the BILLIONS giveaways in the Preposterous energy bill, UH DUH let's give MORE money to EXXON.....surely they must need it....


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