This is the quasi personal home of Joseph Weisenthal, the writer. His proffesional work can usually be found at, , here at The 'Wart. Also, you can check out where you're liable to find a picture of the last Chinese meal he ate. He is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin ('02)

Besides being interested in economics and markets, Mr. Weisenthal is an avid songwriter, composer, and occasional playwright, having co-produced three original theatrical works.

Also contributing is Stalwart co-creator Vincent Fernando, who is currently working for an investment bank in Asia.

The Stalwart was created to satisfy what we, as finance professionals, wanted to see in a blog--intelligent discussions of stocks, finance, business, economics as well as links to interesting articles and information outside of the traditional financial press. The Stalwart is not intended to provide tips, picks, or advice, all of which can be found, in overabundance, elsewhere.

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